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list price: $39.95
published: Aug 2004
publisher: Firefly Books

Kayaks You Can Build

An Illustrated Guide to Plywood Construction

by Ted Moores & Greg Rossel

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woodwork, kayaking
0 of 5
0 ratings
list price: $39.95
published: Aug 2004
publisher: Firefly Books

The definitive handbook for kayak builders.

Kayaks are growing in popularity as a fun, low-impact way to explore the wilderness or paddle on local waters.

Combining easy-to-follow instructions with 472 color photographs, Kayaks You Can Build takes the reader, step-by-step, through the entire construction cycle of building a plywood kayak.

This simple construction process demands neither special skills nor a woodworking shop.

This book includes:

  • A short history of the kayak
  • How to choose the right kayak for your needs and skill level
  • Setting up your work area and how to build a work table and cradle forms
  • Details of all the necessary tools, materials and supplies
  • Tricks of the trade from ensuring the boat stays twist-free during construction to laying fiberglass cloth the easy way for a great finish
  • Minimizing exposure to toxic fumes and dust
  • How to avoid and correct mistakes.

This book includes day-to-day building journals for the three most popular kayak kits. A typical stitch and glue kayak kit contains pre-cut plywood planks, epoxy and hardware.

Drawing on more than thirty years of boatbuilding and teaching experience, Kayaks You Can Build enables the first-time builder to assemble a kayak with truly professional results.


Contributor Notes

Ted Moores is the bestselling author of Canoecraft. In 1972, Moores pioneered the woodstrip/epoxy boatbuilding system for canoes and, since then, has promoted the fine art of wooden-canoe and kayak construction.

Greg Rössel builds and repairs small wooden boats and is an instructor at the Wooden Boat School in Maine. Rössel is the author of Building Small Boats.


Editorial Reviews

Hints for saving money, saving effort or saving your health... for the wooden boat builder this is an essential reference work.

— Canoeist

A well-illustrated, step-by-step guide that practically anybody, with the right tools, can follow... the writing is lucid, good-humored and easy to follow. The book's glossy color photographs are tasteful and accurate to the instructions... methodical and straightforward.

— Bangor Daily News

This book should be required reading for those thinking of building their own kayak. Recommended for comprehensive public library collections.

— Library Journal

Full of thoughtful, helpful advice... With this excellent guide in hand, building a unique, custom kayak is within reach... the next best thing to the authors' personal instruction.

— Wave Length Magazine

Numerous tips and tricks of the trade... breaks the process into manageable, day-by-day steps.

— Woodshop News

Details rarely covered in other texts, such as finishing varnishes, deck fittings, rudders and steering gear... little gems of information.

— Victoria Times Colonist

Does double duty as an inspiration to build beautiful kayaks and as a shop manual for their construction... The authors put a consistent emphasis on doing good work by the most efficient means and their approach is gratifyingly holistic... Its value is in giving prospective kit buyers a clear picture of what the project involves. It also sets a first-time builder up with a level of workmanship to shoot for. The generous helping of color photographs, especially the close-ups, is quite valuable in this regard.

— Sea Kayaker

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