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Book Lists

Amazing DIY

Here are some great books that will teach you everything you've been meaning to learn about making fantastic projects.

by Kerry Clare · Tagged crafts, hobbies, building, diy

Everyday Eden

100+ Fun, Green Garden Projects for the Whole Family to Enjoy

by (author) Christina Symons & John Gillespie

Build Your Own Birdhouses and Feeders

From Simple, Natural Designs to Spectacular, Customized Houses and Feeders

by (author) John Perkins

Carve Your Own Totem Pole

by (author) Wayne Hill & Jimi McKee
photographs by Beverly McMullen


The Art of Unexpected Embroidery

by (author) Leanne Prain
photographs by Jeff Christenson

Kayaks You Can Build

An Illustrated Guide to Plywood Construction

by (author) Ted Moores & Greg Rossel


An Illustrated Guide to Fine Woodstrip Construction

by (author) Ted Moores

Yarn Bombing

The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti

by (author) Mandy Moore & Leanne Prain

Knit Socks!

by (author) Betsy McCarthy

Driftwood Furniture

Practical Projects for Your Home and Garden

by (author) Derek Douglas

Decorating Furniture: Texture, Paint, Ornament and Mosaic Projects

by (author) Sheila McGraw

Our Hands Remember

Recovering Sanikiluaq Basket Sewing

by (author) Margaret Lawrence

Macramé at Home

Add Boho-Chic Charm to Every Room with 20 Projects for Stunning Plant Hangers, Wall Art, Pillows and More

by (author) Natalie Ranae

From Seed to Centrepiece

A Floral Journey through the Seasons

by (author) Amanda Muis Brown

Extraordinary Hand Lettering

Creative Lettering Ideas for Celebrations, Events, Decor, & More

by (author) Doris Wai

DIY Mushroom Cultivation

Growing Mushrooms at Home for Food, Medicine, and Soil

by (author) Willoughby Arevalo

Handmade Animal Dolls

20 Simple Sewing Patterns for Stylish Toys

by (author) Melissa Lowry