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Rails to the Atlantic

Exploring the Railway Heritage of Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces

by (author) Ron Brown

Far and Near

On Days Like These

by (author) Neil Peart

The Toronto Carrying Place

Rediscovering Toronto's Most Ancient Trail

by (author) Glenn Turner

Lost: Unsolved Mysteries of Canadian Aviation

by (author) Shirlee Smith Matheson

Frontier Town: Bear River, Nova Scotia

A Snapshot in Time

by (author) Mike Parker

India's Disappearing Railways

A Photographic Journey

by (author) Angus McDonald


The Complete History of a World Marque

by (author) Siegfried Rauch
with Frank Rönicke
translated by David Johnston

The Oak Island Mystery, Solved!

by (author) Joy A. Steele

Riding Sky High

A Bicycle Adventure Around the World

by (author) Pierre-Yves Tremblay
foreword by Bernard Voyer


The Art and Times of Switchman Joe

by (author) Joe Varro

Master Shipbuilders of Newfoundland and Labrador, vol 2: Notre Dame Bay to Petty Harbour

by (author) Calvin Evans

Oakville's Flower

The History of HMCS Oakville

by (author) Sean E. Livingston

Polar Winds

A Century of Flying the North

by (author) Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail

Rails Around the Rock

A Then and Now Celebration of the Newfoundland Branchlines

by (author) Kenneth Pieroway

Oakville's Flower

The History of the HMCS Oakville

by (author) Sean E. Livingston

Dominion Atlantic Railway


by (author) Gary Ness

Canadian Rail Travel Guide

Revised Edition

by (author) Daryl Adair

Lake Boats

The Enduring Vessels of the Great Lakes

by (author) Greg McDonnell

Cornwall Street Railway

The Insurance Company's Streetcars

by (author) Anthony Clegg

The Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore

An Illustrated History of Railway Stations in Canada

by (author) Ron Brown

Norma & Gladys

The Famous Newfoundland Knockabout Schooner

by (author) Garry Cranford
foreword by Charles E. Parsons

Paddling Routes of North-Central Saskatchewan

by (author) Gregory P. Marchildon & Carl Anderson

A Road Taken

My Journey from a CN Station House to the CN Boardroom

by (author) David McLean & Patricia Finn

No Accident

Eliminating Injury and Death on Canadian Roads

by (author) Neil Arason

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