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Mat Memories

My Wild Life in Pro Wrestling, Country Music, and with the Mets

by (author) John “Alexander” Arezzi & Greg Oliver
foreword by Mick Foley, John Gibbons & Suzanne Alexander

The Only Way Is the Steady Way

Essays on Baseball, Ichiro, and How We Watch the Game

by (author) Andrew Forbes

100 Miles of Baseball

Fifty Games, One Summer

by (author) Heidi L.M. Jacobs & Dale Jacobs

The Numbers Don't Lie

Advanced Statistics and the True History of the Toronto Blue Jays

by (author) Andrew Stoeten

The Baseball Game I'll Never Forget

Fifty Major Leaguers Recall Their Finest Moments

edited by Steve Milton

Blue Monday

The Expos, the Dodgers, and the Home Run That Changed Everything

by (author) Danny Gallagher
foreword by Larry Parrish

Fail Better

Why Baseball Matters

by (author) Mark Kingwell
read by Jerry Lord

Amazing Tales from the Boston Red Sox Dugout

A Collection of the Greatest Red Sox Stories Ever Told

by (author) Jim Prime & Bill Nowlin

Baseball Life Advice

Loving the Game That Saved Me

by (author) Stacey May Fowles

Hockey Abstract Presents... Stat Shot

The Ultimate Guide to Hockey Analytics

by (author) Rob Vollman
with Tom Awad & Iain Fyffe

The Big 50: Toronto Blue Jays

The Men and Moments that Made the Toronto Blue Jays

by (author) Shi Davidi
foreword by Dan Shulman

The Utility of Boredom

Baseball Essays

by (author) Andrew Forbes

A Season to Remember

How Canada's Team Gave Us Our Best Summer in Twenty-two Years

by (author) The Toronto Star


A History of Perfect Innings in Baseball

by (author) John Cairney

Pure Baseball

The Carl Jaxsom Legend

by (author) Ryan Thaddeus

Sunday with the Tigers

Eleven Ways to Watch a Game

by (author) Dale Jacobs

From the Babe to the Beards

The Boston Red Sox in the World Series

by (author) Bill Nowlin & Jim Prime

Tales from the Toronto Blue Jays Dugout

A Collection of the Greatest Blue Jays Stories Ever Told

by (author) Jim Prime

Amazing Tales from the 2004 Boston Red Sox Dugout

The Greatest Stories from a Championship Season

by (author) Jim Prime

Up, Up, and Away

The Kid, the Hawk, Rock, Vladi, Pedro, le Grand Orange, Youppi!, the Crazy Business of Baseball, and the Ill-fated but Unforgettable Montreal Expos

by (author) Jonah Keri

Great Expectations

The Lost Toronto Blue Jays Season

by (author) Shi Davidi & John Lott

Full Count

Four Decades of Blue Jays Baseball

by (author) Jeff Blair

Heart of a Tiger

Growing up with My Grandfather, Ty Cobb

by (author) Herschel Cobb

When We Were Champs

The Toronto Blue Jays Remember Their 1993 World Series Title

by (author) Sportsnet

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