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Closing the Enforcement Gap

Improving Employment Standards Protections for People in Precarious Jobs

by (author) Leah Faith Vosko

Small Nations, High Ambitions

Economic Nationalism and Venture Capital in Quebec and Scotland

by (author) X. Hubert Rioux

Technology and Society

Social Networks, Power, and Inequality

by (author) Anabel Quan-Haase


On Fairy Tales, Disability, and Making Space

by (author) Amanda Leduc
narrator Amanda Barker

Sociology Unlocked

by (author) Sara Cumming

Health in the Anthropocene

Living Well on a Finite Planet

edited by Katharine Zywert & Stephen Quilley

Colonizing Russia's Promised Land

Orthodoxy and Community on the Siberian Steppe

by (author) Aileen E. Friesen

Social Problems

A Canadian Perspective

by (author) Lorne Tepperman, Josh Curtis & Rachel La Touche

“Where Are You From?”

Growing Up African-Canadian in Vancouver

by (author) Gillian Creese

Crime and Criminality

Social, Psychological, and Neurobiological Explanations

by (author) Ehor Boyanowsky

Trustees at Work

Financial Pressures, Emotional Labour, and Canadian Bankruptcy Law

by (author) Anna Jane Samis Lund

Medicine and Morality

Crises in the History of a Profession

by (author) Helen Kang

Also Serving Time

Canada's Provincial and Territorial Correctional Officers

by (author) Rosemary Ricciardelli

In the Spirit of ’68

Youth Culture, the New Left, and the Reimagining of Acadia

by (author) Joel Belliveau

The Impossible Clinic

A Critical Sociology of Evidence-Based Medicine

by (author) Ariane Hanemaayer

A Hermeneutics of Violence

A Four-Dimensional Conception

by (author) Mark M. Ayyash

The Culture of Nature

North American Landscape from Disney to Exxon Valdez

by (author) Alexander Wilson

Social Work Practice in Canada

Knowledge, Values, and Skills

by (author) Jackie Stokes

Men, Masculinity, and the Indian Act

by (author) Martin J. Cannon

Moments of Crisis

Religion and National Identity in Québec

by (author) Ian A. Morrison

Critical Theory, Democracy, and the Challenge of Neoliberalism

by (author) Brian Caterino & Phillip Hansen

Israel, Diaspora, and the Routes of National Belonging, Second Edition

by (author) Jasmin Habib

Making Surveillance States

Transnational Histories

edited by Robert Heynen & Emily van der Meulen

Playing Out of Bounds

“Belonging” and the North American Chinese Invitational Volleyball Tournament

by (author) Yuka Nakamura

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