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Newfoundland and Labrador

A Health System Profile

by (author) Stephen Bornstein, John Abbott, Victor Maddalena, Aimee Letto, Melissa Sullivan & Pablo Navarro

How to be an Amazing Volunteer Overseas

Rules of the Road, Stories from the Field

by (author) Susan E. Gibson

Working in Canada

A Sociological Exploration

by (author) Tracey Adams

Blackness and la Francophonie

Anti-Black Racism, Linguicism and the Construction and Negotiation of Multiple Minority Identities

by (author) Amal Madibbo

Teaching about Sex and Sexualities in Higher Education

edited by Susan Hillock

Canadian Sociologists in the First Person

edited by Stephen Harold Riggins & Neil McLaughlin

Shadow Play

Information Politics in Urban Indonesia

by (author) Sheri Lynn Gibbings

Digital Playgrounds

The Hidden Politics of Children's Online Play Spaces, Virtual Worlds, and Connected Games

by (author) Sara Grimes

The Comics World

Comic Books, Graphic Novels, and Their Publics

edited by Benjamin Woo & Jeremy Stoll

Supporting Children and Their Families Facing Health Inequities in Canada

edited by Miriam J. Stewart

Shame 4.0

Investigating an Emotion in Digital Worlds and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

by (author) Claude-H Mayer
edited by Elisabeth Vanderheiden & Paul T.P. Wong

Disruptive Prisoners

Resistance, Reform, and the New Deal

by (author) Chris Clarkson & Melissa Munn

Critical Perspectives in Food Studies

edited by Mustafa Koc, Jennifer Sumner & Anthony Winson

Global University Rankings and the Politics of Knowledge

edited by Michelle Stack

Provincial Policy Laboratories

Policy Diffusion and Transfer in Canada's Federal System

edited by Brendan Boyd & Andrea Olive

The Four Lenses of Population Aging

Planning for the Future in Canada's Provinces

by (author) Patrik Marier

Ageism at Work

Deconstructing Age and Gender in the Discriminating Labour Market

by (author) Ellie Berger

Ageism at Work

Deconstructing Age and Gender in the Discriminating Labour Market

by (author) Ellie D. Berger

Health Systems in Transition: Canada, Third Edition

by (author) Gregory Marchildon, Sara Allin & Sherry Merkur

Global Citizenship Education

Challenges and Successes

edited by Eva Aboagye & S. Nombuso Dlamini

Real-Life Sociology

A Canadian Approach

by (author) Anabel Quan-Haase & Lorne Tepperman

Research Methods in the Social Sciences

An A-Z of key concepts

edited by Jean-Frederic Morin, Christian Olsson & Ece Ozlem Atikcan

The New Climate Activism

NGO Authority and Participation in Climate Change Governance

by (author) Jen Allan

Gita to the Grail

Exploring Yoga Stories and Western Myths

by (author) Bernie Clark

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