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Displacement City

Fighting for Health and Homes in a Pandemic

by (author) Greg Cook & Cathy Crowe
foreword by Robyn Maynard
afterword by Shawn Micallef

Doing Anti-Oppressive Social Work, 4th ed.

Rethinking Theory and Practice

edited by Donna Baines, Natalie Clark & Bindi Bennett
foreword by Raven Sinclair (Ótiskewápíwskew)
afterword by Wanda Thomas Bernard

Cruel But Not Unusual

Violence in Families in Canada, 3rd Edition

edited by Ramona Alaggia & Cathy Vine

Families, Mobility, and Work

edited by Barbara Neis, Nora Spinks & Christina Murray

Mental Health Assessment, Prevention, and Intervention

Promoting Child and Youth Well-Being

by (author) Jac J.W. Andrews
edited by Steven R. Shaw, José F. Domene & Carly McMorris

Trauma, Spirituality, and Posttraumatic Growth in Clinical Social Work Practice

edited by Heather M. Boynton & Jo-Ann Vis

Kaandossiwin, 2nd Edition

How We Come to Know: Indigenous Re-Search Methodologies

by (author) Kathleen E. Absolon (Minogiizhigokwe)

White Benevolence

Racism and Colonial Violence in the Helping Professions

edited by Amanda Gebhard, Sheelah McLean & Verna St. Denis

Front-Wave Boomers

Growing (Very) Old, Staying Connected, and Reimagining Aging

by (author) Gillian Ranson

Decolonizing Equity

edited by Billie Allan & V.C. Rhonda Hackett
foreword by OmiSoore Dryden

Caring for LGBTQ2S People

A Clinical Guide, Second Edition

edited by Amy Bourns & Edward Kucharski
with Allan D. Peterkin & Cathy Risdon

On Inequality and Freedom

by (author) Lawrence M. Eppard & Henry A. Giroux

Critical Social Work Praxis

edited by Sobia Shaheen Shaikh, Brenda A. LeFrançois & Teresa Macías

Queer Professionals and Settler Colonialism

Engaging Decolonial Thought within Organizations

by (author) Cameron Greensmith

Dying and Death in Canada, Fourth Edition

by (author) Herbert Northcott & Donna Wilson

Fight to Win

Inside Poor People’s Organizing

by (author) A.J. Withers

Poverty and Austerity amid Prosperity

A Comparative Introduction

by (author) Gregg M. Olsen

Mental Health Social Work Practice in Canada

by (author) Cheryl Regehr & Graham Glancy

Teaching about Sex and Sexualities in Higher Education

edited by Susan Hillock

Supporting Children and Their Families Facing Health Inequities in Canada

edited by Miriam J. Stewart

Social Service, Private Gain

The Political Economy of Social Impact Bonds

by (author) Jesse Hajer & John Loxley

Neighbourhood Houses

Building Community in Vancouver

foreword by David Hulchanski
edited by Miu Chung Yan & Sean R. Lauer

Teaching Social Work

Reflections on Pedagogy and Practice

edited by Rick Csiernik & Susan Hillock

ohpikinâwasowin / Growing a Child

Implementing Indigenous Ways of Knowing with Indigenous Families

edited by Leona Makokis, Ralph Bodor, Avery Calhoun & Stephanie Tyler

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