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Jews and Ukrainians

A Millennium of Co-Existence

by (author) Paul Robert Magocsi & Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern

The Vale of Tears

by (author) Rabbi Pinchas Hirschprung
translated by Vivian Felsen

Behind the Red Curtain

by (author) Maya Rakitova


A Survey and a Grammar, Second Edition

by (author) S.A. Birnbaum
introduction by Eleazar Birnbaum, David Birnbaum, Kalman Weiser & Jean Baumgarten

A Future Without Hate or Need

The Promise of the Jewish Left in Canada

by (author) Ester Reiter

In Fragile Moments / The Last Time

by (author) Zsuzsanna Fischer Spiro & Eva Shainblum

Inside the Walls

by (author) Eddie Klein

Lessons of the Holocaust

by (author) Michael R. Marrus
foreword by Margaret MacMillan

Leaving Iran

Between Migration and Exile

by (author) Goldin Farideh

Lessons of the Holocaust

by (author) Michael R. Marrus
foreword by Margaret MacMillan

Honorary Protestants

The Jewish School Question in Montreal, 1867-1997

by (author) David Fraser & The Osgoode Society

The Weight of Freedom

by (author) Nate Leipciger

Alone in the Storm

by (author) Leslie Vertes

Stronger Together

by (author) Andy Réti & Ibolya Grossman

Wall Flower

A Life on the German Border

by (author) Rita Kuczynski
translated by Anthony J. Steinhoff

Across the Rivers of Memory

by (author) Felicia Carmelly

Never Far Apart

by (author) Kitty Salsberg & Ellen Foster

Hope's Reprise

by (author) David Newman

A Name Unbroken

by (author) Michael Mason

Where Courage Lives

by (author) Muegette Myers

The Jewish Oil Magnates of Galicia

Part One: The Jewish Oil Magnates: A History, 1853-1945 by Valerie Schatzker; Part Two: The Jewish Oil Magnates, A Novel by Julien Hirszhaut, Translated by Miriam Beckerman, Edited by Valerie Schatzker

by (author) Valerie Schatzker

On the Defensive

Reading the Ethical in Nazi Camp Testimonies

by (author) Sharon Marquart

Alice in Shandehland

Scandal and Scorn in the Edelson/Horwitz Murder Case

by (author) Monda Halpern

Traces of What Was

by (author) Steve Rotschild

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