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On the Other Hand

Canadian Multiculturalism and Its Progressive Critics

by (author) Phil Ryan

Eating Like a Mennonite

Food and Community across Borders

by (author) Marlene Epp

Thug Criminology

A Call to Action

edited by Adam Ellis, Olga Marques & Anthony Gunter

Under Pressure

Diamond Mining and Everyday Life in Northern Canada

by (author) Lindsay A. Bell

Under Pressure

Diamond Mining and Everyday Life in Northern Canada

by (author) Lindsay A.,. Bell

The Ever-Dying People?

Canada's Jews in Comparative Perspective

edited by Robert Brym & Randal F. Schnoor

Performing Postracialism

Reflections on Antiblackness, Nation, and Education through Contemporary Blackface in Canada

by (author) Philip S.S. Howard

Digital (In)justice in the Smart City

edited by Debra Mackinnon, Ryan Burns & Victoria Fast

The Power of Diversity in the Armed Forces

International Perspectives on Immigrant Participation in the Military

edited by Grazia Scoppio & Sara Greco

Simply Institutional Ethnography

Creating a Sociology for People

by (author) Dorothy E. Smith & Alison I. Griffith

Nuances of Blackness in the Canadian Academy

Teaching, Learning, and Researching while Black

edited by Awad Ibrahim, Tamari Kitossa, Malinda S. Smith & Handel K. Wright

Unequal under Socialism

Race, Women, and Transnationalism in Bulgaria

by (author) Miglena S. Todorova

- Joie de Vivre - Love of Life

Isolated Acadians celebrate their culture through traditions and folklore

edited by Jude Avery
guest editor Virginia Houston & Alexander Bridge
managing editor Francis Mitchell
designed by Janet Soley
cover design or artwork by Mary Delorey
compiled by Janet oley

Moving Together

Dance and Pluralism in Canada

edited by Allana C. Lindgren, Batia Boe Stolar & Clara Sacchetti

Race in Young Adult Speculative Fiction

edited by Meghan Gilbert-Hickey & Miranda A. Green-Barteet

Global Taiwanese

Asian Skilled Labour Migrants in a Changing World

by (author) Fiona Moore

One and Half of You

by (author) Leanne Dunic

Colour Matters

Essays on the Experiences, Education, and Pursuits of Black Youth

by (author) Carl E. James

Black Racialization and Resistance at an Elite University

by (author) rosalind hampton

Youth, School, and Community

Participatory Institutional Ethnographies

by (author) Naomi Nichols

The Transcultural Streams of Chinese Canadian Identities

edited by Jessica Tsui-yan Li

Identities and Interests

Race, Ethnicity, and Affinity Voting

by (author) Randy Besco

Playing Out of Bounds

“Belonging” and the North American Chinese Invitational Volleyball Tournament

by (author) Yuka Nakamura

African Canadian Leadership

Continuity, Transition, and Transformation

edited by Tamari Kitossa, Erica S. Lawson & Philip S.S. Howard

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