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Journal of Prisoners on Prisons, V32 #2

edited by Kevin Walby & Justin Piche

Cases in Clinical Forensic Psychology

by (author) Margo C. Watt

Skating on Thin Ice

Professional Hockey, Rape Culture, and Violence against Women

by (author) Walter DeKeseredy, Stu Cowan & Martin D. Schwartz
foreword by Heather Mallick
afterword by Jack Todd

Cases in Clinical Forensic Psychology

by (author) Margo C. Watt

The Notorious Georges

Crime and Community in British Columbia's Northern Interior, 1905–25

by (author) Jonathan Swainger

Canadian Criminal Law and the Criminal Code

An Introduction

by (author) D. Scharie Tavcer


The Criminal Justice System on Trial

by (author) Benjamin Perrin

Playing the Supporting Role

Strip Club Managers and Other Third Parties

by (author) Tuulia Law

Forensic Colonialism

Genetics and the Capture of Indigenous Peoples

by (author) Mark Munsterhjelm

Thug Criminology

A Call to Action

edited by Adam Ellis, Olga Marques & Anthony Gunter

The Legal Singularity

How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Law Radically Better

by (author) Abdi Aidid & Benjamin Alarie

Indigenous Justice

True Cases by Judges, Lawyers, and Law Enforcement Officers

edited by Lorene Shyba & Raymond Yakeleya
by (author) Hon Nancy Morrison, Hon John Reilly, John L. Hill, Doug Heckbert, Hon Kim Pate, Hon John Z. Vertes, Ernie Louttit, Sharon Bourque, Jennifer Briscoe, Hon Thomas Berger, Eleanore Sunchild KC, Brian Beresh KC, Joseph Saulnier, Catherine Dunn & Val Hoglund

The Trauma Beat

A Case for Re-Thinking the Business of Bad News

by (author) Tamara Cherry

Realizing a Good Life

Men’s Pathways out of Drugs and Crime

by (author) Elizabeth Comack

Wrongfully Convicted

Guilty Pleas, Imagined Crimes, and What Canada Must Do to Safeguard Justice

by (author) Kent Roach

The Domestication of Human Trafficking

Law, Policing, and Prosecution in Canada

by (author) Katrin Roots

Solidarity Beyond Bars

Unionizing Prison Labour

by (author) Jordan House & Asaf Rashid

Abolitionist Intimacies

by (author) El Jones

The Life Sentences of Rik McWhinney

by (author) Rik McWhinney
edited by Jason Demers

Life on Drugs in Iran

Between Prison and Rehab

by (author) Nahid Rahimipour Anaraki

Power Played

A Critical Criminology of Sport

edited by Derek Silva & Liam Kennedy

On Target

Gun Culture, Storytelling, and the NRA

by (author) Noah S. Schwartz

Pathways to Ruin?

High-Risk Offending over the Life Course

by (author) Erin Gibbs Van Brunschot & Tamara Humphrey

Changing of the Guards

Private Influences, Privatization, and Criminal Justice in Canada

edited by Alex Luscombe, Kevin Walby & Derek Silva

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