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Containing Childhood

Space and Identity in Children's Literature

edited by Danielle Russell

Small Bites

Biocultural Dimensions of Children's Food and Nutrition

by (author) Tina Moffat

Witnessing Girlhood

Toward an Intersectional Tradition of Life Writing

by (author) Leigh Gilmore & Elizabeth Marshall

Screening Youth

Contemporary French and Francophone Cinema

edited by Romain Chareyron & Gilles Viennot

Children's Literature and Imaginative Geography

edited by Aïda Hudson

Patterns of Social Functioning in Families with Marital and Parent-Child Problems

by (author) Gerson David

Room to Grow

A Study of Parent-Child Relationships

by (author) Carroll Davis

Imagining Child Welfare in the Spirit of Reconciliation

by (author) Dorothy Badry, H. Monty Montgomery, Daniel Kikulwe, Marlyn Bennett & Don Fuchs
foreword by Jeannine Carriere

The Challenge of Children's Rights for Canada, 2nd edition

by (author) Katherine Covell, R. Brian Howe & J.C. Blokhuis

The Trans Generation

How Trans Kids (and Their Parents) Are Creating a Gender Revolution

by (author) Ann Travers


What It Means to Become a Man

by (author) Rachel Giese

From Flappers to Rappers

The Origins, Evolution, and Demise of Youth Culture

by (author) Marcel Danesi

Haircuts by Children and Other Evidence for a New Social Contract

And Other Evidence for a New Social Contract

by (author) Darren O'Donnell

The Myth of the Age of Entitlement

Millennials, Austerity, and Hope

by (author) James Cairns

Caring for Children

Social Movements and Public Policy in Canada

edited by Rachel Langford, Susan Prentice & Patrizia Albanese

Eleanor H. Porter's Pollyanna

A Children's Classic at 100

edited by Roxanne Harde & Lydia Kokkola

Transforming Child Welfare

Interdisciplinary Practices, Field Education, and Research

edited by H. Monty Montgomery, Dorothy Badry, Don Fuchs & Daniel Kikulwe

Depicting Canada’s Children

edited by Loren Lerner

One Child Reading

My Auto-Bibliography

by (author) Margaret Mackey
foreword by Roberta Seelinger Trites

Children and Childhood in Classical Athens

by (author) Mark Golden

Reinvesting in Families

Strengthening Child Welfare Practice for a Brighter Future

edited by Dorothy Badry, Don Fuchs, Sharon McKay & H. Monty Montgomery

With Children and Youth

Emerging Theories and Practices in Child and Youth Care Work

edited by Kiaras Gharabaghi, Hans A. Skott-Myhre & Mark Krueger

Creating Positive Systems of Child and Family Welfare

Congruence with the Everyday Lives of Children and Parents

edited by Gary Cameron, Marshall Fine, Sarah Maiter, Karen Frensch & Nancy Freymond

Understanding and Addressing Girls’ Aggressive Behaviour Problems

A Focus on Relationships

edited by Debra Pepler & H. Bruce Ferguson

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