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Full Fathom 5000

The Expedition of the HMS Challenger and the Strange Animals It Found in the Deep Sea

by (author) Graham Bell

The Oxford Handbook of Non-Synoptic Wind Storms

edited by Horia Hangan & Ahsan Kareem


How Wildfire Will Shape Our Future

by (author) Edward Struzik

Quetico Geology

by (author) V.B. Meen

Weather, Macroweather, and Climate

Our Random Yet Predictable Atmosphere

by (author) Shaun Lovejoy

Cloud Physics

by (author) D.W. Perrie

The Tectonics of the Canadian Shield

edited by John S. Stevenson

The Earth Sciences in Canada

edited by E.R.W. Neale

Fundamentals of Limnology

by (author) Franz Ruttner
translated by D.G. Frey & F.E.J. Fry

Roald Amundsen's Sled Dogs

The Sledge Dogs Who Helped Discover the South Pole

by (author) Mary R. Tahan

Geochronology in Canada

edited by Freleigh Osborne

Electromagnetic Distance Measurement

by (author) International Association of Geodesy

Geology and Tectonics of Northwestern South America

The Pacific-Caribbean-Andean Junction

by (author) Fabio Cediel
edited by Robert Peter Shaw

Handbook of Mathematical Geosciences

Fifty Years of IAMG

by (author) B.S. Daya Sagar
edited by Qiuming Cheng & Frits Agterberg

Viability and Sustainability of Small-Scale Fisheries in Latin America and The Caribbean

by (author) Silvia Salas
edited by María Jos Barragán-Paladi & Ratana Chuenpagdee

Natural Disasters and Risk Management in Canada

An Introduction

by (author) Nirupama Agrawal

The Spinning Magnet

The Force that Created the Modern World and Could Destroy It

by (author) Alanna Mitchell

Agent-Based Models and Complexity Science in the Age of Geospatial Big Data

Selected Papers from a workshop on Agent-Based Models and Complexity Science (GIScience 2016)

by (author) Liliana Perez
edited by Eun-Kyeong Kim & Raja Sengupta

Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy

New Perspectives for Materials Characterization

by (author) Nicolas Brodusch, Hendrix Demers & Raynald Gauvin


A Modern Synthesis

by (author) Andrew D. Miall

Harvesting the Biosphere

What We Have Taken from Nature

by (author) Vaclav Smil

Comsol5 For Engineers

by (author) Mehrzad Tabatabaian

The Peace-Athabasca Delta

Portrait of a Dynamic Ecosystem

by (author) Kevin P. Timoney

Global Catastrophes and Trends

The Next Fifty Years

by (author) Vaclav Smil

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