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The Dervishes of the North

Rumi, Whirling, and the Making of Sufism in Canada

by (author) Merin Shobhana Xavier

Martin Buber

Creaturely Life and Social Form

contributions by Sarah Scott, Peter A. Huff, Claire E. Sufrin, Samuel Hayim Brody, Yemima Hadad, William Plevan, Zachary J. Braiterman, Asaf Ziderman & Dustin Atlas

Alasdair MacIntyre

An Intellectual Biography

by (author) Émile Perreau-Saussine
translated by Nathan J. Pinkoski
foreword by Pierre Manent

The Human Paradox

Rediscovering the Nature of the Human

by (author) Ralph Heintzman

Emil Fackenheim's Post-Holocaust Thought and Its Philosophical Sources

edited by Kenneth Hart Green & Martin D. Yaffe

Persons and Other Things

Exploring the Philosophy of the Hebrew Bible

by (author) Mark Glouberman

Nothing Absolute

German Idealism and the Question of Political Theology

contributions by Kirill Chepurin, Alex Dubilet, Joseph Albernaz, Daniel C. Barber, Agata Bielik-Robson, S.D. Chrostowska, Saitya Brata Das, Vincent W. Lloyd, Thomas Lynch, James Martel, Steven Shakespeare, Oxana Timofeeva & Daniel Whistler

Christian Intellectuals and the Roman Empire

From Justin Martyr to Origen

by (author) Jared Secord

Athens and Jerusalem

God, Humans, and Nature

by (author) David Novak

Archival Material

Early Papers on History, Volume 25

edited by Robert Doran & John Dadosky
by (author) Lonergan Research Institute

And in Our Hearts Take Up Thy Rest

The Trinitarian Pneumatology of Frederick Crowe, SJ

by (author) Michael Eades

The Broadview Introduction to Philosophy Volume I: Knowledge and Reality

edited by Andrew Bailey

Holy Scripture Speaks

The Production and Reception of Erasmus' Paraphrases on the New Testament

edited by Hilmar Pabel & Mark Vessey

A Humane Society

edited by Stuart E. Rosenberg

"I AM"

Monotheism and the Philosophy of the Bible

by (author) Mark Glouberman

Mind and Body in Early China

Beyond Orientalism and the Myth of Holism

by (author) Edward Slingerland

Secular Nations under New Gods

Christianity's Subversion by Technology and Politics

by (author) Willem H. Vanderburg

The Redemption

Volume 9

by (author) Bernard Lonergan
edited by Robert Doran, Jeremy Wilkins & H. Daniel Monsour
translated by Michael Shields

Bernard Lonergan

The Redemption, Volume 9

by (author) Bernard Lonergan
edited by Robert Doran, Jeremy Wilkins & H. Daniel Monsour
translated by Michael Shields

The Human Spirit

Beginnings from Genesis to Science

by (author) Marjorie O’Rourke Boyle

Method in Theology

Volume 14

by (author) Bernard Lonergan
edited by Robert Doran & John Dadosky

Negative Theology as Jewish Modernity

contributions by Michael Fagenblat, Agata Bielik-Robson, Idit Dobbs-Weinstein, Lenn E. Goodman, James Jacobson-Maisels, Martin Kavka, Samuel Lebens, Adam Lipszyc, David Novak, Sarah Pessin, Kenneth Seeskin, David Shatz, Sandra Valabregue-Perry, Tzahi Weiss, Elliot R. Wolfson & Shiva Wolosky

A Third Collection

Volume 16

by (author) Bernard Lonergan & Lonergan Research Institute
edited by Robert Doran & John Dadosky

God Is

My Search for Faith in a Secular World

by (author) David Adams Richards
read by Bernard Setaro Clark

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