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Mennonites in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union

Through Much Tribulation

by (author) Leonard G. Friesen

Reading Mennonite Writing

A Study in Minor Transnationalism

by (author) Robert Zacharias

Mennonite Farmers

A Global History of Place and Sustainability

by (author) Royden Loewen

Mennonite Valley Girl

A Wayward Coming of Age

by (author) Carla Funk


Cocktails Inspired by that Odd Ethno-Religious Group You Keep Mistaking for the Amish, Quakers or Mormons

by (author) S.L. Klassen
illustrated by Michael Hepher

Tree of Life, The

by (author) Sarah Klassen

Makhno and Memory

Anarchist and Mennonite Narratives of Ukraine's Civil War, 1917–1921

by (author) Sean Patterson

Making Believe

Questions About Mennonites and Art

by (author) Magdalene Redekop

Suffering the Truth

Occasional Sermons and Reflections

by (author) Chris Huebner

Every Little Scrap and Wonder

A Small-Town Childhood

by (author) Carla Funk

Finding Father

Stories from Mennonite Daughters

edited by Mary Ann Loewen

Bird-Bent Grass

A Memoir, in Pieces

by (author) Kathleen Venema

The Challenge is in the Naming

A Theological Journey

by (author) Lydia Neufeld Harder
foreword by Kimberly Penner & Susanne Guenther Loewen

Horse-and-Buggy Genius

Listening to Mennonites Contest the Modern World

by (author) Royden Loewen

After Identity

Mennonite Writing in North America

edited by Robert Zacharias

California Mennonites

by (author) Brian Froese

A University of the Church for the World

Essays in honour of Gerald Gerbrandt

edited by Paul Dyck & Harry Huebner

Path of Thorns

Soviet Mennonite Life under Communist and Nazi Rule

by (author) Jacob J. Neufeld
edited by Harvey L. Dyck & Sarah Dyck

Village Among Nations

"Canadian" Mennonites in a Transnational World, 1916-2006

by (author) Royden Loewen

Through Dust and Darkness

A Motorcycle Journey of Fear and Faith in the Middle East

by (author) Jeremy Kroeker

Rewriting the Break Event

Mennonites and Migration in Canadian Literature

by (author) Robert Zacharias

The Constructed Mennonite

History, Memory, and the Second World War

by (author) Hans Werner

A Mennonite in Russia

The Diaries of Jacob D. Epp, 1851-1880

edited and translated by Harvey L. Dyck

Mennonite Central Committee in Canada

a history

by (author) Esther Epp-Tiessen

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