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Mennonite Valley Girl

A Wayward Coming of Age

by (author) Carla Funk


Cocktails Inspired by that Odd Ethno-Religious Group You Keep Mistaking for the Amish, Quakers or Mormons

by (author) S.L. Klassen
illustrated by Michael Hepher

Reading Mennonite Writing

A Study in Minor Transnationalism

by (author) Robert Zacharias

Lost Tribes Found

Israelite Indians and Religious Nationalism in Early America

by (author) Matthew W. Dougherty

The Uncomfortable Pew

Christianity and the New Left in Toronto

by (author) Bruce Douville

The Flesh of the Word

The extra Calvinisticum from Zwingli to Early Orthodoxy

by (author) K.J. Drake

Quakerism in the Atlantic World, 1690-1830

edited by Robynne Rogers Healey

Call Me Barabbas

by (author) Paul Derry & R.C. Sproul Jr.
other Michael A Milton & David Knight
foreword by Burl Cain

After the Revival

Pentecostalism and the Making of a Canadian Church

edited by Michael Wilkinson & Linda M. Ambrose

Free Cyntoia

My Search for Redemption in the American Prison System

by (author) Cyntoia Brown-Long

Makhno and Memory

Anarchist and Mennonite Narratives of Ukraine's Civil War, 1917–1921

by (author) Sean Patterson

Making Believe

Questions About Mennonites and Art

by (author) Magdalene Redekop


An Around-the-World Journey through Christian History

by (author) Tim Challies
read by Josh Childs

Hell's Flames to Heaven's Gate

A History of the Roman Catholic Church in Newfoundland

by (author) Jack Fitzgerald

Every Little Scrap and Wonder

A Small-Town Childhood

by (author) Carla Funk

I Am Herod

by (author) Richard Kelly Kemick

For Heaven's Sake, Vote!

Your Guide to Catholic Social Teaching and the Federal Election

edited by Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Toronto

Pulpit, Press, and Politics

Methodists and the Market for Books in Upper Canada

by (author) Scott McLaren

Scripture, Skepticism, and the Character of God

The Theology of Henry Mansel

by (author) Dane Neufeld

Finding Father

Stories from Mennonite Daughters

edited by Mary Ann Loewen

Zwingli's Theocracy

by (author) Robert C. Walton

Protestant Church Colleges in Canada

A History

by (author) D.C. Masters

A Women's History of the Christian Church

Two Thousand Years of Female Leadership

by (author) Elizabeth Gillan Muir

The Theology of The United Church of Canada

edited by Don Schweitzer, Robert C. Fennell & Michael Bourgeois

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