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Essays on the Craft and Life of Writing

edited by Andrew Chesham & Laura Farina

Writer's Guide to Speculative Fiction: Science Fiction and Fantasy

by (author) Crawford Kilian & Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Writing Creative Writing

Essays from the Field

edited by Rishma Dunlop, Daniel Tysdal & Priscila Uppal

Academic Writing, Third Edition

The Complete Guide

by (author) Pamela den Ouden & Steven Roe


Gail Bowen on Writing Mysteries

by (author) Gail Bowen

News & Features Vol. 2

More Great Writing

by (author) Michael B. Davie

Building Bicycles in the Dark

A Practical Guide on How to Write

by (author) John B. Lee

Editing Canadian English, 3rd edition

A Guide for Editors, Writers, and Everyone Who Works with Words

by (author) Karen Virag & Editors' Association of Canada

Publishing and Marketing in the Digital Age

by (author) Debbie Elicksen

The Canadian Writer's Market, 19th Edition

The Essential Guide for Freelance Writers

edited by Heidi Waechtler

Business Writing for the Web

The Easy Way

by (author) Dan Furman

Sell Your Nonfiction Book

by (author) Crawford Kilian

Spoken Word Workbook

Inspiration from Poets who Teach

edited by Sheri-D Wilson

Le VocabulAIDE

Influences de l'anglais – vraies et prétendues – et usages en transition

by (author) Pierre Cardinal

Script Tease

A Wordsmith's Waxings on Life and Writing

by (author) Eric Nicol

The Canadian Writer's Market, 18th Edition

edited by Joanna Karaplis

The Broadview Pocket Guide to Writing - Third Edition

by (author) Doug Babington & Don LePan
edited by Maureen Okun

Writing for the Web

by (author) Crawford Kilian

The Canadian Style

by (author) Dundurn Press Limited

First Contact

The Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction

edited by David A. Law & Darin Park

The Canadian Writer's Market, 17th Edition

by (author) Sandra Tooze

Writing Science Fiction & Fantasy

by (author) Crawford Kilian

Writing Romance

Create a romance bestseller.

by (author) Vanessa Grant

Self-Publishing 101

Publish your own book and ensure thriving sales.

by (author) Debbie Elicksen

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