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Hungry Heart

Break Free from Emotional Eating and Develop a Healthy Relationship with Food

by (author) Jaime Saibil

Looking at Trauma

A Tool Kit for Clinicians

edited by Abby Hershler, Lesley Hughes, Patricia Nguyen & Shelley Wall

On Opium

Pain, Pleasure, and Other Matters of Substance

by (author) Carlyn Zwarenstein

The Language of Trauma

War and Technology in Hoffmann, Freud, and Kafka

by (author) John Zilcosky


A Personal Journey Through the Science of Fear

by (author) Eva Holland

Float Like a Butterfly, Drink Mint Tea

How I Beat the Shit Out of All My Addictions

by (author) Alex Wood

Pain Killer

A Memoir of Big League Addiction

by (author) Brantt Myhres
foreword by Michael Landsberg

A Brain of My Own

A Memoir about Dissociation Dissolved

by (author) Wendy Hoffman

The Captain Was a Doctor

The Long War and Uneasy Peace of POW John Reid

by (author) Jonathon Reid

PTSD Guide

by (author) Leblanc Lise

PTSD Guide Workbook

A companion to the Mental Health Recovery PTSD Guide.

by (author) Leblanc Lise

Autism in Lockdown

Expert Tips and Insights on Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic

by (author) Temple Grandin, Carol Gray, Tony Atwood, Carol Kranowitz, Beth Aune, Jed Baker, James Ball, Anita Lesko, Sean Barron, Wendela Whitcomb Marsh, Katie Saint, Stephen Sicoli, Karen Simmons, Ronald Caissie, Ellen Notbohm, Sheila Wagner, Raun D. Melmed, Julie Clark, Nancy Kashman, Janet Mora, Paula Aquilla, Melissa Palmer, Diana Friedlander, Cara Koscinski, Hartley Steiner, Roya Ostovar, Krista DiVittore, Joye Newman, Elizabeth King Gerlach, Bobbi Sheahan & Barbara Sher


Military Veterans, Trauma, and Research-Based Theatre

edited by George Belliveau & Graham W. Lea

I Overcame My Autism and All I Got Was This Lousy Anxiety Disorder

A Memoir

by (author) Sarah Kurchak


Heartbreak and Hope in Canada's Opioid Crisis

by (author) Benjamin Perrin

Reverse Depression Naturally

Alternative Treatments for Mood Disorders, Anxiety and Stress

by (author) Michelle Honda
foreword by Sam Graci

Lazarus Heart

Coming Back to Life from PTSD

by (author) O'Sullivan Mary

Social Class and the Treatment of Alcoholism

An investigation of social class as a determinant of diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy

by (author) Wolfgang Schmidt, Reginald G. Smart & Marcia K. Moss

A Decade of Alcoholism Research

A review of the research activities of the Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Research Foundation of Ontario, 1951-1961

by (author) Robert E. Popham & Wolfgang Schmidt

White Witch in a Black Robe

A True Story About Criminal Mind Control

by (author) Wendy Hoffman

The Enslaved Queen

A Memoir about Electricity and Mind Control

by (author) Wendy Hoffman


The Science Behind Humanity's Dark Side

by (author) Julia Shaw

About Face

Essays on Addiction, Recovery, Therapies, and Controversies

edited by Douglas Gosse

Waiting for First Light

My Ongoing Battle with PTSD

by (author) Romeo Dallaire

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