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The Conflict Resolution Syndrome

Volunteerism, Violence, and Beyond

by (author) Alexander Abdennur

Applied Psycholinguistics

An introduction of the psychology of language learning and teaching

by (author) Marcel Danesi & Renzo Titone

Elements of Episodic Memory

by (author) Endel Tulving

Why Delinquency?

by (author) Maurice Cusson

A Theory for all Music

Problems and Solutions in the Analysis of Non-Western Forms

by (author) Jay Rahn

Psychology and the Liberal Consensus

by (author) Charles Anderson & L. Travis

Mental Representations

A Dual Coding Approach

by (author) Allan Paivio

The Smaller Infinity

The Jungian Self in the Novels of Robertson Davies

by (author) Patricia Monk

Psychophysiological Recording

by (author) Robert M. Stern, William J. Ray & Christopher M. Davis

Community Development

Learning and Action

by (author) Hayden Roberts

Sexual Behaviour in Canada

Patterns and Problems

edited by Benjamin Schlesinger

You Never Know What They Might Do

Mental Illness in Outport Newfoundland

by (author) Paul S. Dinham

The Relation between Physical and Mental Illness

The Physical Status of Psychiatric Patients at a Multiphasic Screening Survey

by (author) Michael Eastwood

Ethology and Psychiatry

edited by Norman F. White

New Hope for Deprived Children

by (author) Betty Flint

Essays after Wittgenstein

by (author) J.F.M. Hunter

A Triune Concept of the Brain and Behaviour

Hincks Memorial Lectures

by (author) Paul MacLean
edited by T.J. Boag & D. Campbell


A Psychoanalytic Look at Mass Society

by (author) Irvine Schiffer

Schedule Effects

Drugs, Drinking, and Aggression

edited by R.M. Gilbert & J.D. Keehn

Cat Harbour

A Newfoundland Fishing Settlement

by (author) James C. Faris

Moral Education

Interdisciplinary Approaches

edited by Clive Beck, Brian Crittenden & Edmund Sullivan

The Jewish Family

A Survey and Annotated Bibliography

edited by Benjamin Schlesinger

Toward Unification in Psychology

The First Banff Conference on Theoretical Psychology

edited by Joseph Royce

Man Deer Hunt

Cognitive Patterns Underlying Social Behavior

by (author) Edwina Taborsky

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