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Collective Bargaining in the Essential and Public Service Sectors

Proceedings of a conference held on 3 and 4 April 1975, organized by David Beatty through the Centre for Industrial Relations University of Toronto, chaired by John Crispo

edited by Morley Gunderson

Priests and Politicians

Manitoba Schools and the Election of 1896

by (author) Paul Crunican

Thinking About Change

edited by David Shugarman

Canadian Perspectives on International Law and Organization

edited by Ronald MacDonald, Gerald Morris & Douglas Johnston

Quebec versus Ottawa

The Struggle for Self-Government, 1960-72

by (author) Claude Morin

The Chaining of Prometheus

Evolution of a Power Structure for Canadian Science

by (author) F. Hayes

Federalism and Policy Development

The Case of Adult Occupational Training in Ontario

by (author) J. Stefan Dupre, David Cameron, Graeme McKechnie & Theodore Rotenberg

People in the Way

The Human Aspects of the Columbia River Project

by (author) James Wood Wilson

The Season-Ticket

by (author) Thomas Haliburton
edited by Douglas Lochhead

Industry and humanity

A study in the principles of industrial reconstruction

by (author) William King
introduction by David Bercuson

Canadian-Soviet Relations between the World Wars

by (author) Aloysius Balawyder

Canada in a Wider Economic Community

by (author) H. Edward English, Bruce Wilkinson & H.C. Eastman

Government Publishing in the Canadian Provinces

A Prescriptive Study

by (author) A. Paul Pross & Catherine A. Pross

Soviet Agricultural Trade Unions 1917-70

by (author) Peter J. Potichnyj

Experimentation and Simulation in Political Science

edited by J.A. Laponce & Paul Smoker

Languages in Conflict

The Canadian Experience

by (author) Richard J. Joy
preface by Frank G. Vallee

Up Against City Hall

by (author) John Sewell

Politics in Newfoundland

by (author) S.J.R. Noel

Canada and the Canadian Question

introduction by Carl Berger

Quebec 70

A Documentary Narrative

by (author) John Saywell

Only to Serve

Selections from Addresses of Governor-General Georges P. Vanier

by (author) Georges Vanier
edited by George Cowley & Michel Vanier

Words & Occasions

by (author) Lester B. Pearson

Politics in Sierra Leone 1947-1967

by (author) John Cartwright

The Better Part of Valour

Essays on Canadian Diplomacy

by (author) John W. Holmes

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