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The Ideological Condition

Selected Essays on History, Race and Gender

by (author) Himani Bannerji

Share the Wealth!

How we can tax Canada’s super-rich and create a better country for everyone

by (author) Jonathan Gauvin & Angella MacEwen

Being and Swine

The End of Nature (As We Knew It)

by (author) Fahim Amir
translated by Geoffrey C. Howes & Corvin Russell

Challenging the Right, Augmenting the Left

Recasting Leftist Imagination

edited by Robert Latham, A.T. Kingsmith, Julian von Bargen & Niko Block

Rebels, Reds, Radicals

Rethinking Canada’s Left History

by (author) Ian McKay

Orwell in Cuba

How 1984 Came to Be Published in Castro’s Twilight

by (author) Frédérick Lavoie
translated by Donald Winkler

Left Transnationalism

The Communist International and the National, Colonial, and Racial Questions

edited by Oleksa Drachewych & Ian McKay

A Rebel's Journey

Mostafa Sho'aiyan and Revolutionary Theory in Iran

by (author) Peyman Vahabzadeh

Florence of America

A Feminist in the Age of McCarthyism

contributions by Jean Freeman
by (author) Florence James
introduction by Sean Prpick

Back to Blakeney

The Revitalization of the Democratic State

edited by David McGrane, John Whyte, Roy Romanow & Russell Isinger

Radical Ambition

The New Left in Toronto

by (author) Peter Graham
with Ian McKay

The Anatomy of a Party

The National CCF 1932-61

by (author) Walter D. Young

Soldiers of the International

A History of the Communist Party of Canada, 1919-1929

by (author) William Rodney

A Protest Movement Becalmed

A Study of Change in the CCF

by (author) Leo Zakuta

Communism National and International

Eastern Europe after Stalin

by (author) H. Skilling

The People's Republic of Walmart

How the World's Biggest Corporations are Laying the Foundation for Socialism

by (author) Leigh Phillips & Michal Rozworski

The Petrograd Workers in the Russian Revolution

February 1917-June 1918

by (author) David Mandel

Responses to Marx's Capital

From Rudolf Hilferding to Isaak Illich Rubin

edited and translated by Richard B. Day & Daniel F. Gaido

Canadian Labour in Politics

by (author) Gad Horowitz

Party of Conscience

The CCF, the NDP, and Social Democracy in Canada

edited by Roberta Lexier, Stephanie Bangarth & Jonathan Weier

Fiery Joe

The Maverick Who Lit Up the West

by (author) Kathleen Carlisle
foreword by Roy J. Romanow

A Future Without Hate or Need

The Promise of the Jewish Left in Canada

by (author) Ester Reiter

Soviet Princeton

Slim Evans and the 1932-33 Miners' Strike

by (author) Jon Bartlett & Rika Ruebsaat

Post-Communist Stories

About Cities, Politics, Desires

by (author) Stan Persky

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