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Britain Confronts the Stalin Revolution

Anglo-Soviet Relations and the Metro-Vickers Crisis

by (author) Gordon W. Morrell

The British Diplomatic Service


by (author) Raymond Jones

War and Diplomacy across the Pacific, 1919-1952

edited by A. Hamish Ion & Barry D. Hunt

No-Nonsense Guide to Conflict and Peace

edited by Helen Ware

On Six Continents

A Life In Canada's Foreign Service, 1966-2002

by (author) James K. Bartleman

The Saddest Country

On Assignment in Colombia

by (author) Nicholas Coghlan

Peacemaking by Democracies

The Effect of State Autonomy on the Post–World War Settlements

by (author) Norrin M. Ripsman

Paris 1919

Six Months That Changed the World

by (author) Margaret MacMillan
foreword by Richard Holbrooke

Diplomatic Departures

The Conservative Era in Canadian Foreign Policy, 1984 - 93

edited by Kim R. Nossal & Nelson Michaud

Canadian Foreign Policy: 1945-2000

Major Documents and Speeches (Rideau Series #1)

by (author) Arthur E. Blanchette

China in the 1990s, 2nd Edition

Revised Edition

by (author) Robert Benewick
edited by Paul Wingrove

The International Politics of Whaling

by (author) Peter J. Stoett

The North Atlantic Triangle in a Changing World

edited by B.J.C. McKercher & Lawrence Aronsen

Communicative Interaction, Power, and the State

by (author) Frank Stark

Asia-Pacific Diplomacy

Nongovernmental Organizations and International Relations

by (author) Lawrence T. Woods

Diefenbaker's World

A Populist in Foreign Affairs

by (author) H. Basil Robinson

Undiplomatic Notes

Tales from the Canadian Foreign Service

by (author) Sidney Freifeld

In the Interests of Peace

Canada and Vietnam 1954-73

by (author) Douglas Ross

Canada and the Reagan Challenge

Crisis in the Canadian-American Relationship

by (author) Stephen Clarkson

The Diplomacy of Modernization

Colombian-American Relations, 1920-1940

by (author) Stephen James Randall

Canada and the League of Nations

by (author) Richard Veatch

The Diplomacy of Constraint

Canada, the Korean War, and the United States

by (author) Denis Stairs

People in the Way

The Human Aspects of the Columbia River Project

by (author) James Wood Wilson

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