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Canadian Political Economy

edited by Heather Whiteside

Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in South Africa

by (author) Daniel Douek


Colonialism, Resources, and the Histories We Remember

by (author) Adele Perry

Digital Politics in Canada

Promises and Realities

edited by Tamara Small & Harold Jansen

Canadian Politics, Seventh Edition

edited by James Bickerton & Alain-G Gagnon


What Everyone Needs to KnowRG

by (author) Serhy Yekelchyk

Michael Young, Social Science, and the British Left, 1945-1970

by (author) Lise Butler

Multi-Level Democracy

Integration and Independence Among Party Systems, Parties, and Voters in Seven Federal Systems

by (author) Lori Thorlakson

Promise and Peril

Justin Trudeau in Power

by (author) Aaron Wherry

More Powerful Together

Conversations With Climate Activists and Indigenous Land Defenders

by (author) Jen Gobby

Global Political Economy

edited by John Ravenhill

Turbulent Times, Transformational Possibilities?

Gender and Politics Today and Tomorrow

edited by Fiona MacDonald & Alexandra Dobrowolsky

Global Environmental Politics

Understanding the Governance of the Earth

by (author) Jean-Frederic Morin, Amandine Orsini & Sikina Jinnah

Global Political Economy

Evolution and Dynamics

by (author) Robert O'Brien & Marc Williams

Canada at a Crossroads

Boundaries, Bridges, and Laissez-Faire Racism in Indigenous-Settler Relations

by (author) Jeffrey Denis

The Multilevel Politics of Trade

edited by Jorg Broschek & Patrica Goff

Socialist and Post-Socialist Urbanisms

Critical Reflections from a Global Perspective

by (author) Lisa B.W. Drummond & Douglas Young

Closing the Enforcement Gap

Improving Employment Standards Protections for People in Precarious Jobs

by (author) Leah Faith Vosko

Studying Public Policy

Principles and Processes

by (author) Michael Howlett, M. Ramesh & Anthony Perl

Inside Canadian Politics

by (author) Alex Marland & Jared J. Wesley

Small Nations, High Ambitions

Economic Nationalism and Venture Capital in Quebec and Scotland

by (author) X. Hubert Rioux

Finance or Food?

The Role of Cultures, Values, and Ethics in Land Use Negotiations

edited by Hilde Bjorkhaug, Philip McMichael & Bruce Muirhead

Terrorism and Counterterrorism in Canada

edited by Jez Littlewood, Lorne Dawson & Sara K. Thompson

The Oxford Handbook of Global Health Politics

edited by Colin McInnes, Kelley Lee & Jeremy Youde

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