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The Canadian General Election of 1997

edited by Alan Frizzell & Jon H. Pammett

The North Atlantic Triangle in a Changing World

edited by B.J.C. McKercher & Lawrence Aronsen

Reinventing Canada

by (author) Anthony Westell
foreword by Eric Malling

Just Causes

Notes of an Unrepentant Socialist

by (author) Gerald Caplan

Touch Wood

BC Forests at the Crossroads

edited by Ken Drushka, Bob Nixon & Ray Travers

Unarmed Forces

Nonviolent Action in Central America and the Middle East

edited by Graeme MacQueen

Power to Us All

Consititution or Social Contract?

by (author) George Woodcock

The Strangers Next Door

by (author) Edith Iglauer

Accidental Nuclear War

Proceedings of the Eighteenth Pugwash Workshop on Nuclear Forces

edited by Derek Paul, Michael D. Intriligator & Paul Smoker

Federal State, National Economy

by (author) Peter Leslie

Essays on England, Ireland, and Empire

Volume VI

by (author) John Stuart Mill
introduction by Joseph Hamburger
edited by John Robson

The Idea File of Harold Adams Innis

edited by William Christian

Unemployment and Labour Force Behaviour of Young People

Evidence from Canada and Ontario

by (author) Frank Denton, A. Leslie Robb & Byron Spencer

Essays in Political Economy

In Honour of E.J. Urwick

by (author) Harold A. Innis
introduction by Cody H.J.

The Canadian State

Political Economy and Political Power

edited by Leo Panitch


edited by Alkis Kontos

Economic Analysis of Environmental Policies

by (author) Donald Dewees, C.K. Everson & William Sims

Federalism and Policy Development

The Case of Adult Occupational Training in Ontario

by (author) J. Stefan Dupre, David Cameron, Graeme McKechnie & Theodore Rotenberg

Experimentation and Simulation in Political Science

edited by J.A. Laponce & Paul Smoker

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