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The Trickster

Robert Bourassa and Quebecers 1990-1992

by (author) Jean-François Lisée
translated by Simon Horn, Wanda Taylor & Robert Chodos

Quebec in a New World

by (author) National Executive Council of the Parti Québécois
translated by Robert Chodos

A History of Quebec Nationalism

by (author) Gilles Gougeon
translated by Louisa Blair, Jane Ubertino & Robert Chodos

The Charlottetown Accord, the Referendum, and the Future of Canada

edited by Kenneth McRoberts & Patrick J. Monahan

Home and Native Land

Aboriginal Rights and the Canadian Constitution

by (author) Michael Asch

Charter versus Federalism

The Dilemmas of Constitutional Reform

by (author) Alan C. Cairns

Negotiating with a Sovereign Quebec

edited by Daniel Drache & Roberto Perin

The Costs of Constitutional Change

A Citizen's Guide to the Issues

by (author) George Fallis

Constitutional Politics

The Canadian Forum Book on the Federal Constitutional Proposals 1991-1992

edited by Duncan Cameron & Miriam Smith

Roll of the Dice

Working with Clyde Wells during the Meech Lake Negotiations

by (author) Deborah Coyne

Power to Us All

Consititution or Social Contract?

by (author) George Woodcock

The Diary of André Laurendeau

Written during the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism 1964-67

by (author) André Laurendau
selected by Patricia Smart
translated by Dorothy Howard

Confederation in Crisis

edited by Robert Young

Federalism and Political Community

Essays in Honour of Donald Smiley

edited by David Shugarman & Reginald Whitaker

The Canadian Constitution

by (author) David Milne

Tug of War

Ottawa and the Provinces Under Trudeau and Mulroney

by (author) David Milne

Tug of War

Ottawa and the Provinces Under Trudeau and Mulroney

by (author) David Milne

Canada and the Constitution 1979-1982

by (author) Edward McWhinney

The New Canadian Constitution

by (author) David Milne

Towards a Constitutional Charter for Canada

by (author) Albert Abel

Quebec and the Constitution 1960-1978

by (author) Edward McWhinney

The Economic Constitution of Federal States

by (author) Albert Breton & Anthony Scott

What Does Quebec Want?

by (author) Andre Bernard

Quebec in Question

by (author) Marcel Rioux
translated by James Boake

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