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Dissonance Engine

by (author) David Dowker

Words are the Worst

Selected Poems

by (author) Erik Lindner
translated by Francis Jones
introduction by David O'Meara

Speaking in Tongues

Selected Poems

by (author) H.C. ten Berge
translated by Pleuke Boyce

Selected Poems

by (author) Katerina Anghelaki Rooke
translated by Manolis Aligizakis

Sonnets of Louise Labé

by (author) Louise Labé
translated by Alta Lind Cook

All I Have Is Words

by (author) Knuts Skujenieks
translated by Margita Gailitis

Sieve of Light

by (author) Károly Fellinger
translated by Elizabeth Csicery-Ronay


by (author) Helen Hajnoczky

Frayed Opus for Springs & Wind Instruments

by (author) Ulrikka S. Gernes
translated by Patrick Friesen & Per Brask

Frayed Opus for Strings & Wind Instruments

by (author) Ulrikka S. Gernes
translated by Patrick Friesen & Per Brask

The Hundred Lives

by (author) Thornton Russell

The Fissures of Our Throats

by (author) Edward Nixon
translated by Ross Woods

Text Me

Dimmelo per SMS

by (author) Corrado Calabro
edited and translated by Genni Gunn

Selected Poems

by (author) Yannis Ritsos
translated by Manolis Aligizakis

A Step in the Right Direction

by (author) Morten Søndergaard
translated by Barbara J. Haveland

Sailing to Babylon - Poems

by (author) James Pollock
foreword by Jeffery Donaldson

Charles Baudelaire: Paris Blues

Poems in Prose (Le Spleen de Paris: Petits PoEmes en prose)

by (author) Charles Baudelaire
translated by Francis Scarfe

The Deleted World

by (author) Tomas Transtromer
edited by Robin Robertson


Selected Poems

by (author) Costantine P. Cavafy
translated by Manolis Aligizakis


by (author) Arthur Rimbaud
translated by Daniel Sloate

Hoardes of Writing

by (author) Chus Pato
translated by Erin Moure

Sheep's Vigil by a Fervent Person

A transelation of Alberto Caeiro / Fernando Pessoa's O Guardador de Rebanhos

by (author) Erin Moure

Picture World

by (author) Niels Frank
translated by Roger Greenwald

Sunrise in the Eyes of a Snowman

by (author) Goran Simic

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