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The Power of Now 2024 Wall Calendar

A Year of Inspirational Quotes by Eckhart Tolle

by (author) Eckhart Tolle & Amber Lotus Publishing


Brain, Time, and Consciousness

by (author) Georg Northoff

Searching for Breath

Life, Death and the Air in Between

by (author) Jono Lineen

Bots and Beasts

What Makes Machines, Animals, and People Smart?

by (author) Paul Thagard

Discourse on Method and Meditations on First Philosophy

by (author) René Descartes
edited by Andrew Bailey
translated by Ian Johnston

If I’m So Zen, Why is My Hair Falling Out?

How Anxiety and Past Trauma Manifest in the Physical Body

by (author) Amanda Lera

Religion, Emotion, Sensation

Affect Theories and Theologies

contributions by Karen Bray, Stephen D. Moore, Mathew Arthur, Amy Hollywood, Wonhee Anne Joh, Dong Sung Kim, A. Paige Rawson, Erin Runions, Donovan O. Schaefer, Gregory J. Seigworth, Max Thornton & Alexis G. Waller

Pythagoras and Early Pythagoreanism

edited by J.A. Philip

Nature, Contemplation, and the One

A Study in the Philosophy of Plotinus

by (author) John Deck


by (author) D.G. Brown

What's Left of Human Nature?

A Post-Essentialist, Pluralist, and Interactive Account of a Contested Concept

by (author) Maria Kronfeldner

The Spontaneous Brain

From the Mind-Body to the World-Brain Problem

by (author) Georg Northoff

Think Opposite

Using the Domino Effect to Change Your Business, Change the World

by (author) Alison Donaghey

A Mark of the Mental

In Defense of Informational Teleosemantics

by (author) Karen Neander

The Social Turn in Moral Psychology

by (author) Mark Fedyk

The Embodied Mind, revised edition

Cognitive Science and Human Experience

by (author) Francisco J. Varela, Evan Thompson & Eleanor Rosch
foreword by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Open MIND, 2-vol. set

Philosophy and the Mind Sciences in the 21st Century

edited by Thomas Metzinger & Jennifer M. Windt


The Necessity of a Modern Idea

by (author) Gerald Izenberg

Ego Sum

Corpus, Anima, Fabula

by (author) Jean-Luc Nancy
translated by Marie-Eve Morin

Disturbed Consciousness

New Essays on Psychopathology and Theories of Consciousness

edited by Rocco J. Gennaro

Perception and Its Modalities

edited by Dustin Stokes, Mohan Matthen & Stephen Biggs

The Measure of Madness

Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Delusional Thought

by (author) Philip Gerrans

The Psychology of Yoga

Integrating Eastern and Western Approaches for Understanding the Mind

by (author) Georg Feuerstein


Toward a New Paradigm for Cognitive Science

edited by John Stewart, Olivier Gapenne & Ezequiel A. Di Paolo

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