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Into the Mirror

A Buddhist Journey through Mind, Matter, and the Nature of Reality

by (author) Andy Karr
foreword by Matthieu Ricard

Living with Concepts

Anthropology in the Grip of Reality

contributions by Andrew Brandel, Marco Motta, Jocelyn Benoist, Michael Cordey, Veena Das, Rasmus Dyring, Michael D. Jackson, Michael Lambek, Sandra Laugier, Michael Puett, Lotte Buch Segal & Thomas Schwarz Wentzer

Discourse on Method and Meditations on First Philosophy

by (author) René Descartes
edited by Andrew Bailey
translated by Ian Johnston

The Earth is Flat!

An Exposé of the Globularist Hoax

original author Leo Ferrari
edited by Kay Burns & David Eso

Who Catharted

by (author) Blair Styra

Obedece a tu cuerpo, ámate

Descubre la verdadera causa de cualquier dolencia o enfermedad

by (author) Lise Bourbeau
read by Deyanira Sanchez

The Broadview Introduction to Philosophy Volume I: Knowledge and Reality

edited by Andrew Bailey

Obedece a tu cuerpo, ámate (Narración en Castellano)

Descubre la verdadera causa de cualquier dolencia o enfermedad

by (author) Lise Bourbeau
read by Aida Baida Gil

Pythagoras and Early Pythagoreanism

edited by J.A. Philip

Nature, Contemplation, and the One

A Study in the Philosophy of Plotinus

by (author) John Deck


by (author) D.G. Brown

Learning to Die

Wisdom in the Age of Climate Crisis

by (author) Robert Bringhurst & Jan Zwicky

The Pipestone Wolves

The Rise and Fall of a Wolf Family

by (author) Günther Bloch
photographs by John E. Marriott
foreword by Mike Gibeau

Oppositions and Paradoxes

Philosophical Perplexities in Science and Mathematics

by (author) John Bell

Standard candles

by (author) Alice Major

Discourse on Metaphysics and Other Writings

by (author) Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
edited by Peter Loptson

The Smile of Tragedy

Nietzsche and the Art of Virtue

by (author) Daniel R. Ahern

Plato and Heidegger

A Question of Dialogue

by (author) Francisco J. Gonzalez


Fundamental Topics is Metaphysics

by (author) Peter Loptson

A Historical Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind, second edition

Readings with Commentary

edited by Peter Morton

The Atheist's Primer

by (author) Malcolm Murray

Philosophy and Death

Introductory Readings

by (author) Robert J. Stainton & Samantha Brennan

Incompatibilism's Allure

Principle Arguments for Incompatibilism

by (author) Ishtiyaque Haji

Freedom, Nature, and World

by (author) Peter Loptson

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