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Cubism and Futurism

Spiritual Machines and the Cinematic Effect

by (author) R. Bruce Elder

The Radio Eye

Cinema in the North Atlantic, 1958-1988

by (author) Jerry White

It Doesn’t Suck


by (author) Adam Nayman

Stan Brakhage in Rolling Stock, 1980-1990

by (author) Jerry White

Of Stigmatology

Punctuation as Experience

by (author) Peter Szendy
translated by Jan Plug

Manila by Night

by (author) Joel David
series edited by Matthew Hays & Thomas Waugh

Early Cinema in Asia

edited by Nick Deocampo
contributions by Charles Musser, Stephen Bottomore, Aaron Gerow, Wimal Dissanayake, Nadi Tofighian, Ritsu Yamamoto, Shahin Parhami, P.K. Nair, Hassan Abdul Muthalib, Daw-Ming Lee, Anchalee Chaiworaporn, Tilman Baumgartel & Wai-ming Law

Director's Cut

My Life in Film

by (author) Ted Kotcheff & Josh Young
read by Aaron Abano

Cosmopolitan Film Cultures in Latin America, 1896-1960

edited by Rielle Navitski & Nicolas Poppe
contributions by Juan Sebastian Ospina Leon, Giorgio Bertellini, Sarah Wells, Andrea Cuarterolo, Ignacio M. Sanchez Prado, Jason Borge, Irene Rozsa, Colin Gunckel & Diana Norton

Amateur Movie Making

Aesthetics of the Everyday in New England Film, 1915–1960

edited by Martha J. McNamara & Karan Sheldon
foreword by Alice T. Friedman
contributions by Dino Everett, Libby Bischof, Justin Wolff, Whit Stillman, Karen Gracy, Charles Tepperman, Jennifer Neptune, Christopher Reed, Christopher Castiglia, Brian Jacobson, Martha White, Melissa Dollman & Janna Jones

Female Trouble

A Queer Film Classic

by (author) Chris Holmlund
series edited by Matthew Hays & Thomas Waugh

Director’s Cut

My Life in Film

by (author) Ted Kotcheff
with Josh Young
foreword by Mariska Hargitay

Electric Pictures

A Guide to the Films, Film-Makers and Cinemas of Worthing and Shoreham

by (author) Ellen Cheshire & James Clarke

Winnie Lightner

Tomboy of the Talkies

by (author) David L. Lightner

The Cinematic Bodies of Eastern Europe and Russia

Between Pain and Pleasure

edited by Ewa Mazierska, Matilda Mroz & Elzbieta Ostrowska

Arabian Nights

by (author) Michael Moon
series edited by Thomas Waugh & Matthew Hays

Canadians in Golden Age Hollywood 2-Book Bundle

Once Upon a Time in Paradise / Stardust and Shadows

by (author) Charles Foster

Projections of Passing

Postwar Anxieties and Hollywood Films, 1947-1960

by (author) N. Megan Kelley

Hamilton Babylon

A History of the McMaster Film Board

by (author) Stephen Broomer


A Queer Film Classic

by (author) Robert Schwartzwald
series edited by Thomas Waugh & Matthew Hays

Forbidden Love

A Queer Film Classic

by (author) Jean Bruce & Gerda Cammaer
series edited by Thomas Waugh & Matthew Hays

Shooting from the East

Filmmaking on the Canadian Atlantic

by (author) Darrell Varga

The Canadian Horror Film

Terror of the Soul

edited by Gina Freitag & André Loiselle

A Truffaut Notebook

by (author) Sam Solecki

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