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The Big Secret Book

The Big Secret Book

An Intense Guide for Creating Performance Theatre
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My sincere goal of this book has been to outline the tools for making, the solutions for breaking, and the survival systems that have worked for us at One Yellow Rabbit through good times and bad. Developing a sustainable practice that is healthful and life affirming, finding comradeship, and joining hands to build a body of work that could hold up to scrutiny and time has been a profoundly challenging and rewarding journey. As I begin my sixties, I am deeply grateful that I can look back on my life’s work with pride and joy and that my memories are full of rich emotions. In no way am I done yet, but there is some kind of reckoning when asked to record one’s experience and gleanings, that feels like a summing up of all the parts and inevitably leads to the question of was it all worth it? My answer is an unqualified yes. Yes. Yes! I have lived my creativity, I have used my body and the abilities I was privileged with, to their full potential. I have battled fear and sorrow and developed strength and hope. Curiosity has stretched my intellect and introduced me to remarkable ideas, discoveries, and people.

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Gaelic Cape Breton Step-Dancing

Gaelic Cape Breton Step-Dancing

An Historical and Ethnographic Perspective
also available: Hardcover
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