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Tree Thieves

Crime and Survival in North America's Woods

by (author) Lyndsie Bourgon

The Flora and Fauna of Stanley Park

by (author) Collin Varner

Ontario Trees

A visual guide to the most important species

illustrated by Jeffrey C. Domm

Forest Walking

Discovering the Trees and Woodlands of North America

by (author) Peter Wohlleben & Jane Billinghurst

The Heartbeat of Trees

Embracing Our Ancient Bond with Forests and Nature

by (author) Peter Wohlleben
translated by Jane Billinghurst

East Coast Trees and Shrubs

A visual guide to 50+ species in Atlantic Canada

by (artist) Jeffrey C. Domm

The Way of the Gardener

Lost in the Weeds Along the Camino de Santiago

by (author) Lyndon Penner

Two Trees Make a Forest

In Search of My Family's Past Among Taiwan's Mountains and Coasts

by (author) Jessica J. Lee

Legacy of Trees

Purposeful Wandering in Vancouver's Stanley Park

by (author) Nina Shoroplova

To Speak for the Trees

My Life's Journey from Ancient Celtic Wisdom to a Healing Vision of the Forest

by (author) Diana Beresford-Kroeger


Walking in Canada's Urban Forests

by (author) Ariel Gordon

Great Trees of New Brunswick, 2nd Edition

by (author) David Palmer & Tracy Glynn
photographs by Arielle DeMerchant

The Secret Wisdom of Nature

Trees, Animals, and the Extraordinary Balance of All Living Things -— Stories from Science and Observation

by (author) Peter Wohlleben
translated by Jane Billinghurst

Man of the Trees

Richard St. Barbe Baker, the First Global Conservationist

by (author) Paul Hanley
foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales
introduction by Jane Goodall

The Ghost Orchard

by (author) Helen Humphreys

Big Lonely Doug

The Story of One of Canada’s Last Great Trees

by (author) Harley Rustad

The Ghost Orchard

by (author) Helen Humphreys

Dynamic Forest

Man Versus Nature in the Boreal Forest

by (author) Malcolm F. Squires
foreword by John Kennedy Naysmith

An Enduring Wilderness

Toronto’s Natural Parklands

by (author) Robert Burley

The Tree Doctor

A Guide to Tree Care and Maintenance

by (author) Daniel Prendergast & Erin Prendergast

Trees In Canada

by (author) John Laird Farrar

The Hidden Life of Trees

What They Feel, How They Communicate—Discoveries from A Secret World

by (author) Peter Wohlleben
foreword by Tim Flannery
translated by Jane Billinghurst
contributions by Suzanne Simard

Vancouver Tree Book

A Living City Field Guide

by (author) David Tracey

Quiver Trees, Phantom Orchids and Rock Splitters

The Remarkable Survival Strategies of Plants

by (author) Jesse Vernon Trail

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