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An Enchantment of Birds

Memories from a Birder's Life

by (author) Richard Cannings

Where the Silence Rings

A Literary Companion to Mountains

edited by Wayne Grady

Bringing Back the Dodo

Lessons in Natural and Unnatural History

by (author) Wayne Grady

Home and Away

More Tales of a Heritage Farm

by (author) Anny Scoones

Wild Apples

Field Notes from a River Farm

by (author) Wayne Curtis

Earth Alive

Essays on Ecology

by (author) Stan Rowe

Probing Minds, Salamander Girls and a Dog Named Sally

A Hubbard Mountain Memoir

by (author) Harrison Wright

Playing Dead

A Contemplation Concerning the Arctic

by (author) Rudy Weibe

Home Place

Essays on Ecology, new revised edition

by (author) Stan Rowe

When the Wild Comes Leaping Up

Personal Encounters with Nature

by (author) David Suzuki


Reflections From Loon Lake

by (author) Monte Hummel

Landscapes of the Heart

Narratives of Nature and Self

edited by Michael Aleksiuk & Thomas Nelson

Off the Map

Western Travels on Roads Less Taken

by (author) Stephen Hume

Vis à Vis

Field notes on Poetry & Wilderness

by (author) Don McKay

Pearls and Pebbles

by (author) Catharine Parr Traill
edited by Elizabeth Thompson

Idleness, Water, and a Canoe

Reflections on Paddling for Pleasure

by (author) Jamie Benedickson

Bush Telegraph

Discovering the Pacific Province

by (author) Stephen Hume

Canadian Mountaineering Anthology, The

edited by Bruce Fairley & Roland Lines

A Wing in the Door

Adventures with a Red-Tailed Hawk

by (author) Peri Phillips McQuay

Currents in the Stream

by (author) Wayne Curtis

Nature Diary of a Quiet Pedestrian

by (author) Philip Croft

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