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Formac Field Guide to 225 Birds of Quebec

by (author) Jeffrey C. Domm

My First Ontario Bird Book

by (author) Jeffrey C. Domm

My First East Coast Bird Book

The birds you see in back yards, woods, and waters in Canada's Atlantic provinces

by (author) Jeffrey C. Domm

Warblers of Eastern North America

by (author) Chris G. Earley

Out of the Lyme Light and Into the Sunlight

Birding as Therapy for the Chronically Ill

by (author) Robert Bell

Compact Guide to Ontario Birds

by (author) Krista Kagume

Compact Guide to North Carolina Birds

by (author) Curtis Smalling & Gregory Kennedy

Compact Guide to Tennessee Birds

by (author) Michael Roedel & Gregory Kennedy

Birds of Georgia

by (author) John Parrish, Giff Beaton & Gregory Kennedy

Compact Guide to British Columbia Birds

by (author) Krista Kagume, Wayne Campbell & Gregory Kennedy

Compact Guide to Alberta Birds

by (author) John Acorn, Chris Fisher & Andy Bezener

Birds of the Rocky Mountains

by (author) Chris Fisher
illustrated by Gary Ross & Ted Nordhagen

Saskatchewan Birds

by (author) Alan Smith

Manitoba Birds

by (author) Andy Bezener & Ken De Smet
illustrated by Gary Ross

A Celebration of Prairie Birds

by (author) Wayne Lynch

Birds of British Columbia

by (author) Wayne Campbell & Gregory Kennedy

Birds of the Pacific Northwest

A Photographic Guide

by (author) Tom Aversa, Richard Cannings & Hal Opperman

Birds of Northern California

by (author) David Fix & Andy Bezener
illustrated by Gary Ross

Birds of Michigan

by (author) Ted Black & Gregory Kennedy
illustrated by Ted Nordhagen

Waterfowl of Eastern North America

by (author) Chris G. Earley

Pocket Birds of Canada 2nd Edition

edited by David Bird
by (author) DK

Birds of Alberta

by (author) Chris Fisher & John Acorn
illustrated by Gary Ross

Feed the Birds

Attract and Identify 196 Common North American Birds

by (author) Chris Earley

Best Places to Bird in Ontario

by (author) Kenneth Burrell & Michael Burrell

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