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Score One for the Dancing Girl, and Other Selections from the Kimun ch'onghwa

A Story Collection from Nineteenth-Century Korea

edited by Ross King & Si Nae Park
translated by James Scarth Gale
notes by Donguk Kim

Romantic Prophecy and the Resistance to Historicism

by (author) Christopher Bundock

Russian Literature, 1995-2002

On the Threshold of a New Millennium

by (author) Norman Shneidman

The American Dream in Nineteenth-Century Quebec

Ideologies and Utopia in Antoine Gerin-Lajoie's 'Jean Rivard'

by (author) Robert Major

Russian Literature, 1988-1994

The End of an Era

by (author) Norman Shneidman

Possible Worlds of the Fantastic

The Rise of the Paranormal in Literature

by (author) Nany H. Traill

Patriarchal Desire and Victorian Discourse

A Lacanian Reading of Anthony Trollope's Palliser Novel

by (author) Priscilla Walton

The Vampyre and Ernestus Berchtold; Or The Modern Oedipus

edited by D.L. Macdonald & Kathleen Scherf

Romantic Affinities

German Authors and Carlyle; A Study in the History of Ideas

by (author) Elizabeth M. Vida

Werther's Goethe and the Game of Literary Creativity

by (author) Deirdre Vincent

Tennyson and Swinburne as Romantic Naturalists

by (author) Kerry McSweeney

Galdós and His Critics

by (author) Anthony Percival

Letters from the Continent 1858

by (author) John Ruskin
edited by John Hayman

Wordsworth's Metaphysical Verse

Geometry, Nature, and Form

by (author) Lee Johnson

Domestic and Heroic in Tennyson's Poetry

by (author) Donald Hair

Thomas De Quincey

The Prose of Vision

by (author) V.A. De Luca

Saul and Selected Poems

including excerpts from Jephthah's Daughter and Jezebel: A Poem in Three Cantos

by (author) Charles Heavysege
edited by Douglas Lochhead
introduction by Sandra Djwa

Old Man Savarin Stories

Tales of Canada and Canadians

by (author) Edward William Thomson
introduction by Linda Sheshko

The Poetical Works of Alexander McLachlan

edited by Douglas Lochhead
introduction by E. Margaret Fulton

Balzac's Recurring Characters

by (author) Anthony R. Pugh

The Letters of Thomas Hood

edited by Peter Morgan


A Drama, in Three Parts (Second Edition)

by (author) Charles Heavysege
edited by Douglas Lochhead

The Letter Bag of The Great Western;

or, Life in a Steamer

by (author) Thomas Haliburton
edited by Douglas Lochhead

Poems and Essays

by (author) Joseph Howe
introduction by M.G. Parks

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