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Making Pictorial Print

Media Literacy and Mass Culture in British Magazines, 1885-1918

by (author) Alison Hedley

A. Mary F. Robinson

Victorian Poet and Modern Woman of Letters

by (author) Patricia Rigg

Dostoevsky at 200

The Novel in Modernity

edited by Katherine Bowers & Kate Holland

Queer Atlantic

Masculinity, Mobility, and the Emergence of Modernist Form

by (author) Daniel Hannah

Penetrating Critiques

Emasculated Empire and Victorian Identity in Africa

by (author) Leslie Allin

William Blake

Modernity and Disaster

edited by Tilottama Rajan & Joel Faflak

Critical Alliances

Economics and Feminism in English Women's Writing, 1880-1914

by (author) S. Brooke Cameron

The Aesthetics of Senescence

Aging, Population, and the Nineteenth-Century British Novel

by (author) Andrea Charise

Italian Politics and Nineteenth-Century British Literature and Culture

by (author) Patricia Cove

Hawthorne as Myth-Maker

by (author) Hugo McPherson

Pan Tadeusz

The Last Foray in Lithuania

by (author) Adam Mickiewicz
translated by Watson Kirkconnell

Editing Nineteenth-Century Texts

by (author) John Robson

Derniers Vers

by (author) Jules Laforgue
edited by Michael Collie & J.M. L'Heureux

A Name for Herself

Selected Writings, 1891-1917

by (author) L.M. Montgomery
edited by Benjamin Lefebvre

The Valley of Vision

Blake as Prophet and Revolutionary

by (author) Peter Fisher
edited by Northrop Frye

A Name for Herself

Selected Writings, 1891-1917

by (author) L.M. Montgomery
edited by Benjamin Lefebvre

Sporting Cultures, 1650-1850

edited by Daniel O'Quinn & Alexis Tadie

Marking Time

Romanticism and Evolution

edited by Joel Faflak

Victorian Jesus

J.R. Seeley, Religion, and the Cultural Significance of Anonymity

by (author) Ian Hesketh

Literary / Liberal Entanglements

Toward a Literary History for the Twenty-First Century

edited by Corrinne Harol & Mark Simpson

Romantic Prophecy and the Resistance to Historicism

by (author) Christopher Bundock

The American Dream in Nineteenth-Century Quebec

Ideologies and Utopia in Antoine Gerin-Lajoie's 'Jean Rivard'

by (author) Robert Major

Possible Worlds of the Fantastic

The Rise of the Paranormal in Literature

by (author) Nany H. Traill

Patriarchal Desire and Victorian Discourse

A Lacanian Reading of Anthony Trollope's Palliser Novel

by (author) Priscilla Walton

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