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Picturing the Page

Picturing the Page

Illustrated Children's Literature and Reading under Lenin and Stalin
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My Life

"Naturally, it would have been wrong and unworthy on my part not to be satisfied with my happy family life. But I solemnly promised myself that I would write the whole truth in my Autobiography and not hide all the bad things that happened to me."— from Part III

"I don't know that anyone has the right to deny any particular quality in a person and a writer, but this I personally knew for certain, that when my husband was a writer of fiction, I was happy, but when he became a religious thinker, my life and happiness clouded over."— from Part III   "While I was proofreading The Kreutzer Sonata for Volume XIII — a story I had never liked on account of its coarse treatment of women on the part of Lev Nikolaevich, it made me think about writing my own novel on the subject of The Kreutzer Sonata. This thought kept coming to me more and more frequently, to the point where I could no longer restrain myself. I did write this story, but it never saw the light of day and is now lying among my papers at the Historical Museum in Moscow."— from Part V

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Archetypes from Underground

Archetypes from Underground

Notes on the Dostoevskian Self
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