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Browse Books in Russian & Former Soviet Union

The Yeshiva and the Rise of Modern Hebrew Literature

by (author) Marina Zilbergerts

Rethinking the Gulag

Identities, Sources, Legacies

edited by Alan Barenberg & Emily D. Johnson
contributions by Alexander Etkind, Irina Anatolievna Flige, Susan Grunewald, Jeffrey S. Hardy, Mikhail Nakonechnyi, Judith Pallot, Gavin Slade, Lynne Viola, Josephine von Zitzewitz & Sarah J. Young

Dostoevsky at 200

The Novel in Modernity

edited by Katherine Bowers & Kate Holland

The Akunin Project

The Mysteries and Histories of Russia's Bestselling Author

edited by Elena V. Baraban & Stephen M. Norris

Picturing the Page

Illustrated Children's Literature and Reading under Lenin and Stalin

by (author) Megan Swift

Ukrainian Epic and Historical Song

Folklore in Context

by (author) Natalie Kononenko

Archetypes from Underground

Notes on the Dostoevskian Self

by (author) Lonny Harrison

Modernism in Kyiv

Jubilant Experimentation

by (author) Irena Makaryk & Virlana Tkacz

Unforced Flourishing

Understanding Jaan Kaplinski

by (author) Thomas Salumets

Vladimir Nabokov

Poetry and the Lyric Voice

by (author) Paul D. Morris

Dostoyevsky’s Critique of the West

The Quest for the Earthly Paradise

by (author) Bruce K. Ward

The Russian Twentieth Century Short Story

A Critical Companion

edited by Lyudmila Parts

On the Comic and Laughter

by (author) Vladimir Propp
edited and translated by Jean-Patrick Debbeche & Paul J. Perron

Vasil Byka?

His Life and Works

by (author) Zina J. Gimpelevich

Vasil Bykau

His Life and Works

by (author) Zina J. Gimpelevich

Russian Literature, 1995-2002

On the Threshold of a New Millennium

by (author) Norman Shneidman

Russian Literature, 1995-2002

On the Threshold of a New Millennium

by (author) Norman N. Shneidman

Shakespeare in the Undiscovered Bourn

Les Kurbas, Ukrainian Modernism, and Early Soviet Cultural Politics

by (author) Irena Makaryk

The Art of Compromise

The Life and Work of Leonid Leonov, 1899-1994

by (author) Boris Thomson

Youth in Revolutionary Russia

Enthusiasts, Bohemians, Delinquents

by (author) Anne E. Gorsuch

Joseph Brodsky and the Soviet Muse

by (author) David MacFadyen

Joseph Brodsky and the Baroque

by (author) David MacFadyen

Anguish of Mihola Hohol a.k.a. Nikolai Gogol

by (author) George Luckyj

Russian Literature, 1988-1994

The End of an Era

by (author) Norman Shneidman

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