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The Medieval Devil

A Reader

edited by Richard Raiswell & David R. Winter

The Logic of Love in the Canterbury Tales

by (author) Manish Sharma

Henry Daniel and the Rise of Middle English Medical Writing

edited by Sarah Star

Beowulf as Children's Literature

edited by Bruce Gilchrist & Britt Mize

The Decameron Eighth Day in Perspective

edited by William Robins

Liber Uricrisiarum

A Reading Edition

by (author) Henry Daniel
edited by E. Ruth Harvey, M. Teresa Tavormina & Sarah Star

Mediaeval Drama in Chester

by (author) F.M. Salter

Unlikeness Is Us

Fourteen from the Exeter Book

by (author) Christopher Patton

In Search of Chaucer

by (author) Bertrand Bronson

The World of Dante

Six Studies in Language and Thought

edited by S. Bernard Chandler & Julius Molinaro

Le Roman de Renart

Dans la littérature française et dans les littérature étrangères au moyen âge

by (author) John Flinn

The Narreme in the Medieval Romance Epic

An Introduction to Narrative Structures

by (author) Eugene Dorfman

Undoing Babel

The Tower of Babel in Anglo-Saxon Literature

by (author) Tristan Major

Biblical Epics in Late Antiquity and Anglo-Saxon England

Divina in Laude Voluntas

by (author) Patrick McBrine

The Saints in Old Norse and Early Modern Icelandic Poetry

by (author) Kirsten Wolf & Natalie M. van Deusen

Dante & the Unorthodox

The Aesthetics of Transgression

edited by James Miller

Elf Queens and Holy Friars

Fairy Beliefs and the Medieval Church

by (author) Richard Firth Green
series edited by Ruth Mazo Karras

In Search of Chaucer

by (author) Bertrand Bronson

Egil, the Viking Poet

New Approaches to 'Egil's Saga'

edited by Laurence de Looze, Jon Karl Helgason, Russell Poole & Torfi H. Tulinius

Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts

A Bibliographical Handlist of Manuscripts and Manuscript Fragments Written or Owned in England up to 1100

by (author) Helmut Gneuss & Michael Lapidge

From Lawmen to Plowmen

Anglo-Saxon Legal Tradition and the School of Langland

by (author) Stephen Yeager

Dante's Journey to Polyphony

by (author) Francesco Ciabattoni

Old English Literature and the Old Testament

edited by Michael Fox & Manish Sharma

Dantean Dialogues

Engaging with the Legacy of Amilcare Iannucci

edited by Margaret (Maggie) Kilgour & Elena Lombardi

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