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Salomania and the Representation of Race and Gender in Modern Erotic Dance

by (author) Cecily Devereux

Bronwen Wallace

Essays on Her Works

edited by Wanda Campbell

A Sentimental Education

by (author) Hannah McGregor

Artful Flight

Essays and Reviews 1985-2019

by (author) Susan Glickman

Cautiously Hopeful

Metafeminist Practices in Canada

by (author) Marie Carrière


Stories about Life in Plus-Sized Bodies

edited by Christina Myers
contributions by Layla Cameron, Rabbit Richards, Simone Blais, Jo Jefferson, Rohini Bannerjee, Cate Root, Sally Quon, Tracy Manrell, Jen Arbo, Lynne Jones, Sonja Boon, Jessie Blair, Heather van Mil, Cassie Stocks, Jennifer Pownall, Caroline Many, Shadoe Ball, Ama Scriver, Katy Weicker, Emily Allan, Heather M. Jones, Hansell Andrea, Elizabeth Cook, Tara Mandarano & Susan Alexander

Virginia Woolf

Music, Sound, Language

by (author) Elicia Clements

One Day We'll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter


by (author) Scaachi Koul

Girls, Texts, Cultures

edited by Clare Bradford & Mavis Reimer

Regenerations / Régénérations

Canadian Women's Writing / Écriture des femmes au Canada

edited by Marie Carrière & Patricia Demers
contributions by Nicole Brossard, Susan Brown, Louise Dennys, Cinda Gault, Lucie Hotte, Dean Irvine, Gary Kelly, Shauna Lancit, Mary McDonald-Rissanen, Juliet McMaster, Mary-Jo Romaniuk, Julie Roy, Susan Rudy, Chantal Savoie, Maïté Snauwaert, Rosemary Sullivan & Sheena Wilson

The Fragrance of Sweet-Grass

L.M. Montgomery's Heroines and the Pursuit of Romance

by (author) Elizabeth Rollins Epperly

Pain, Porn and Complicity

Women Heroes from Pygmalion to Twilight

by (author) Kathleen McConnell

Médée protéiforme

by (author) Marie Carrière

Borrowed Tongues

Life Writing, Migration, and Translation

by (author) Eva C. Karpinski


Prose Essays on Noise, Pornography, The Codex, Melancholy, Lucretiun, Folds, Cities and Related Aporias

by (author) Lisa Robertson

Economic Woman

Demand, Gender, and Narrative Closure in Eliot and Hardy

by (author) Deanna K. Kreisel

Engendering Genre

The Works of Margaret Atwood

by (author) Reingard M. Nischik

Anne Hébert

Essays on Her Works

edited by Lee Skallerup

Growing a Race

Nellie L. McClung and the Fiction of Eugenic Feminism

by (author) Cecily Devereux

Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley

Writing Lives

edited by Helen M. Buss, D.L. Macdonald & Anne McWhir

Virginia Woolf as Feminist

by (author) Naomi Black

Mothers of Invention

Feminist Authors and Experimental Fiction in France and Quebec

by (author) Miléna Santoro

Canadians Are Not Americans

Myths and Literary Traditions

by (author) Katherine Morrison

Feminist Interpretations of Hans-Georg Gadamer

edited by Lorraine Code

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