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The Poetics of Dante's Paradiso

by (author) Massimo Verdicchio


Italian Experimental Literature and Arts in the 1960s

by (author) Paolo Chirumbolo, Mario Moroni & Luca Somigli

Dante's Journey to Polyphony

by (author) Francesco Ciabattoni

Writing Gender in Women's Letter Collections of the Italian Renaissance

by (author) Meredith K. Ray

Lelia's Kiss

Imagining Gender, Sex, and Marriage in Italian Renaissance Comedy

by (author) Laura Giannetti

Hopeless Love

Boiardo, Ariosto, and Narratives of Queer Female Desire

by (author) Mary-Michelle DeCoste

The Unpolitical

On the Radical Critique of Political Reason

by (author) Massimo Cacciari
edited by Alessandro Carrera
translated by Massimo Verdicchio

Boccaccio's Naked Muse

Eros, Culture, and the Mythopoeic Imagination

by (author) Tobias Foster Gittes

Renaissance Comedy - The Italian Masters Volume 1

by (author) Don Beecher & The Da Ponte Library

Censorship and Literature in Fascist Italy

by (author) Guido Bonsaver

Reading & Writing the Mediterranean

Essays by Vincenzo Consolo

edited by Norma Bouchard & Massimo Lollini

Civilization and Democracy

The Salvernini Anthology of Cattaneo's Writings

by (author) Carlo Cattaneo
edited by Carlo Lacaita & Filippo Sabetti
translated by David Gibbons

Tigress in the Snow

Motherhood and Literature in Twentieth-Century Italy

by (author) Laura Benedetti

The Quest for Epic

From Ariosto to Tasso

by (author) Sergio Zatti
edited by Dennis Looney

Difficult Games

A Reading of I Racconti by Italo Calvino

by (author) Franco Ricci

The World in Venice

Print, the City, and Early Modern Identity

by (author) Bronwen Wilson

The Ugly Woman

Transgressive Aesthetic Models in Italian Poetry from the Middle Ages to the Baroque

by (author) Patrizia Bettella

Dante, Cinema, and Television

edited by Amilcare Iannucci

The New Avant-Garde in Italy

Theoretical Debate and Poetic Practices

by (author) John Picchione

Aretino's Satyr

Sexuality, Satire, and Self-Projection in Sixteenth-Century Literature and Art

by (author) Raymond Waddington

The Reinvention of Ignazio Silone

by (author) Elizabeth Leake

Italo Calvino and the Compass of Literature

by (author) Eugenio Bolongaro

Ariosto Today

Contemporary Perspectives

edited by Don Beecher, Massimo Ciavolella & Roberto Fedi

Mother Tongues and Other Reflections on the Italian Language

by (author) Giulio Lepschy

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