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Flânerie, spectacle et mémoire dans la Rome de Federico Fellini

by (author) Marina Vargau

My Karst and My City and Other Essays

by (author) Scipio Slataper
edited by Elena Coda
translated by Nicholas Benson

The Decameron Eighth Day in Perspective

edited by William Robins

Italian Literature since 1900 in English Translation

An Annotated Bibliography, 1929-2016

by (author) Robin Healey

Forgotten Italians

Julian-Dalmatian Writers and Artists in Canada

edited by Konrad Eisenbichler

The World of Dante

Six Studies in Language and Thought

edited by S. Bernard Chandler & Julius Molinaro

A Croce Reader

Aesthetics, Philosophy, History, and Literary Criticism

edited by Massimo Verdicchio

Primo Levi and the Identity of a Survivor

by (author) Nancy Harrowitz

Primo Levi and the Identity of a Survivor

by (author) Nancy Harrowitz

Dialogues of Love

by (author) Leone Ebreo
translated by Damian Bacich
edited and translated by Rosella Pescatori

Merchant Writers

Florentine Memoirs from the Middle Ages and Renaissance

by (author) Vittore Branca & Massimo Ciavolella/Luigi Ballerini
translated by Murtha Baca

Textual Masculinity and the Exchange of Women in Renaissance Venice

by (author) Courtney Quaintance

The Rise of the Diva on the Sixteenth-Century Commedia dell'Arte Stage

by (author) Rosalind Kerr

Enlightening Encounters

Photography in Italian Literature

edited by Giorgia Alu & Nancy Pedri

Landscapes in Between

Environmental Change in Modern Italian Literature and Film

by (author) Monica Seger

Stillness in Motion

Italy, Photography, and the Meanings of Modernity

by (author) Sarah Patricia HIll & Giuliana Minghelli

Reviewing Mario Pratesi

The Critical Press and Its Influence

by (author) Anne Urbancic

Dante's Journey to Polyphony

by (author) Francesco Ciabattoni

The Decameron Third Day in Perspective

edited by Francesco Ciabattoni & Pier Massimo Forni

The Drama of the Assimilated Jew

Giorgio Bassani's Romanzo di Ferrara

by (author) Lucienne Kroha

Dantean Dialogues

Engaging with the Legacy of Amilcare Iannucci

edited by Margaret (Maggie) Kilgour & Elena Lombardi

The Pleasant Nights - Volume 2

Volume 2

edited by Don Beecher

The Pleasant Nights - Volume 1

Volume 1

edited by Don Beecher

Italian Literature before 1900 in English Translation

by (author) Robin Healey

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