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Diplomacy and the Modern Novel

France, Britain, and the Mission of Literature

edited by Isabelle Daunais & Allan Hepburn

Victims of the Book

Reading and Masculinity in Fin-de-Siècle France

by (author) Francois Proulx

Antonin Artaud’s Alternate Genealogies

Self-Portraits and Family Romances

by (author) John C. Stout

Rions encore

by (author) Michel Sanouillet

Zola Before the Rougon-Macquart

by (author) John Lapp

Aspects of Racinian Tragedy

by (author) John Lapp

The Sixth Sense

Individualism in French Poetry, 1686-1760

by (author) Robert Finch

Sixteenth-Century French Poetry

by (author) Victor E. Graham


A Study in Parallels

by (author) A.E. Carter

Le Roman de Renart

Dans la littérature française et dans les littérature étrangères au moyen âge

by (author) John Flinn

Representative French Poetry (Second Edition)

edited by Victor E. Graham


by (author) E.J.H. Greene

Sonnets of Louise Labé

by (author) Louise Labé
translated by Alta Lind Cook


by (author) François-René de Chateaubriand
edited by R.D. Finch & C.R. Parsons

The Narreme in the Medieval Romance Epic

An Introduction to Narrative Structures

by (author) Eugene Dorfman

Objects Observed

The Poetry of Things in Twentieth-Century France and America

by (author) John C. Stout

Versailles Meets the Taj Mahal

François Bernier, Marguerite de la Sablière, and Enlightening Conversations in Seventeenth-Century France

by (author) Faith E. Beasley

French 'Ecocritique'

Reading Contemporary French Theory and Fiction Ecologically

by (author) Stephanie Posthumus

Postcolonial Counterpoint

Orientalism, France, and the Maghreb

by (author) Farid Laroussi

Mind, Body, Motion, Matter

Eighteenth-Century British and French Literary Perspectives

edited by Mary Helen McMurran & Alison Conway

Cultural Hermeneutics

Essays after Unamuno and Ricoeur

by (author) Mario Valdes

On the Defensive

Reading the Ethical in Nazi Camp Testimonies

by (author) Sharon Marquart

Transforming Kafka

Translation Effects

by (author) Patrick O'Neill

Pascal the Philosopher

An Introduction

by (author) Graeme Hunter

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