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Odes for Victorious Athletes

by (author) Pindar
translated by Anne Pippin Burnett

The Death and Afterlife of Achilles

by (author) Jonathan S. Burgess

Didymos: On Demosthenes

by (author) Phillip Harding

Comic Business

Theatricality, Dramatic Technique, and Performance Contexts of Aristophanic Comedy

by (author) Martin Revermann

The Emotions of the Ancient Greeks

Studies in Aristotle and Classical Literature

by (author) David Konstan

Biblical and Classical Myths

The Mythological Framework of Western Culture

by (author) Northrop Frye & Jay MacPherson

Self-representation and Illusion in Senecan Tragedy

by (author) C.A.J. Littlewood

Eupolis, Poet of Old Comedy

by (author) Ian C. Storey

The Tradition of the Trojan War in Homer and the Epic Cycle

by (author) Jonathan S. Burgess

Justin and Pompeius Trogus

A Study of the Language of Justin's "Epitome" of Trogus

by (author) J.C. Yardley


edited by D.F.S. Thomson

The Epic Hero

by (author) Dean A. Miller

The Poem of Empedocles

A text and translation with a commentary

edited by Brad Inwood

The Poem of Empedocles

A text and translation with a commentary

edited by Brad Inwood

Architectonics of Imitation in Spenser, Daniel, and Drayton

by (author) David Galbraith

Euripides' Use of Psychological Terminology

by (author) Shirley D. Sullivan

Greek Forms of Address

From Herodotus to Lucian

by (author) Eleanor Dickey

Bram Stoker's Dracula

Sucking Through the Century, 1897-1997

edited by Carol Margaret Davison
consultant editor Paul Simpson-Housley

The Olive-Tree Bed and Other Quests

by (author) M. Owen Lee

Justin: Epitome of The Philippic History of Pompeius Trogus: Volume I: Books 11-12: Alexander the Great

edited by Justin

The Criticism of Didactic Poetry

Essays on Lucretius, Virgil, and Ovid

by (author) Alexander Dalzell


The Earlier Plays and Related Studies

by (author) D.J. Conacher

The War Lover

A Study of Plato's Republic

by (author) Leon Harold Craig

Prosody and Poetics in the Early Middle Ages

Essays in Honour of C.B. Hieatt

by (author) M.J. Toswell

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