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Twelfth Night and Shakespearian Comedy

edited by Clifford Leech & John Margeson

Canada's Past and Present

A Dialogue

edited by Robert McDougall

The Return of Eden

Five Essays on Milton's Epics

by (author) Northrop Frye

Current Law and Social Problems, II

edited by Ronald MacDonald

Towards a World of Plenty

The Falconer Lectures University of Toronto, 1963

by (author) Barbara Ward

Essays in English Literature from the Renaissance to the Victorian Age Presented to A.S.P. Woodhouse

edited by Millar MacLure & F.W. Watt

The Modern Mexican Essay

edited by Jose Luis Martinez
translated by H.W. Hilborn

The Seed of Wisdom

Essays in Honour of T.J. Meek

edited by W.S. McCullough

Studia Varia

(Royal Society of Canada, Literary and Scientific Papers)

edited by E.G.D. Murray

What the Poets Are Doing

edited by Rob Taylor

The Best Canadian Essays 2018

series edited by Christopher Doda
guest editor Mark Kingwell

small things

(a random selection of anti-essays)

by (author) Sky Gilbert

Life on the Mista Shipu

Dispatches from Labrador

by (author) Robin McGrath


An Anthology of Essays

edited by Rona Altrows & Julie Sedivy
contributions by Samantha Albert, Sharon Butala, Jane Cawthorne, Weyman Chan, Rebecca Danos, Patti Edgar, Leslie Greentree, John Graham-Pole, Edythe Hanen, Vivian Hansen, Jane Harris, Richard Harrison, Lee Kvern, Elizabeth Haynes, Anne Lévesque, Margaret Macpherson, Alice Major, Wendy McGrath, Stuart McKay, Lorri Neilsen Glenn, Susan Olding, Roberta Rees, Kathy Seifert, Cora Siré, Steven Smith, Anne Sorbie, Glen Sorestad, Kelly Thompson, Robin Eck & Aritha van Herk

Little Yellow House

Finding Community in a Changing Neighbourhood

by (author) Carissa Halton

Best Kind

New Writing Made in Newfoundland

by (author) Robert Finley

Listening to the Bees

by (author) Mark Winston & Renée Sarojini Saklikar

Flower can Always be Changing, The

by (author) Shawna Lemay

If You're Not Free at Work, Where Are You Free

Literature and Social Change

by (author) Tom Wayman

Wisdom in Nonsense

Invaluable Lessons from My Father

by (author) Heather O'Neill
introduction by Kit Dobson

Following the River

Traces of Red River Women

by (author) Lorri Neilsen Glenn

The Best Canadian Essays 2017

edited by Christopher Doda
by (author) Marina Nemat


Deciphering Shopping in Canada

by (author) Kit Dobson

But It's So Silly

A Cross-cultural Collage of Nonsense, Play and Poetry

by (author) Jonarno Lawson

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