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The Quarantine Review, Issue 8

edited by Sheeza Sarfraz & J.J. Dupuis

Big Reader


by (author) Susan Olding

Begin By Telling

by (author) Meg Remy

Goodbye, Again

Essays, Reflections, and Illustrations

by (author) Jonny Sun


edited by Sarah Chan & Jhenifer Pabillano

Indigenous Toronto

Stories That Carry This Place

edited by Denise Bolduc, Mnawaate Gordon-Corbiere, Rebeka Tabobondung & Brian Wright-McLeod

The Only Way Is the Steady Way

Essays on Baseball, Ichiro, and How We Watch the Game

by (author) Andrew Forbes

The Quarantine Review, Issue 7

edited by Sheeza Sarfraz & J.J. Dupuis

Stars Need Counting

Essays on Suicide

by (author) Concetta Principe

All the Feels / Tous les sens

Affect and Writing in Canada / Affect et écriture au Canada

edited by Marie Carrière, Ursula Mathis-Moser & Kit Dobson
contributions by Nicole Brossard, Matthew Cormier, Nicoletta Dolce, Louise Dupré, Margery Fee, Ana María Fraile-Marcos, Smaro Kamboureli, Aaron Kreuter, Daniel Laforest, Carmen Mata Barreiro, Heather Milne, Eric Schmaltz, Maïté Snauwaert & Jeanette Toonder

The Quarantine Review, Issue 6

edited by Sheeza Sarfraz & J.J. Dupuis


Stories of Migration by Women from Around the World

by (author) Lorna Jane Harvey

The Quarantine Review, Issue 5

edited by Sheeza Sarfraz & J.J. Dupuis

Best Canadian Essays 2020

edited by Sarmishta Subramanian


A Year of Bees

by (author) Jenna Butler

Kant's Little Prussian Head and Other Reasons Why I Write

An Autobiography through Essays

by (author) Claire Messud

The Quarantine Review, Issue 4

edited by Sheeza Sarfraz & J.J. Dupuis


by (author) Sadiqa de Meijer


Stories about Life in Plus-Sized Bodies

edited by Christina Myers
contributions by Layla Cameron, Rabbit Richards, Simone Blais, Jo Jefferson, Rohini Bannerjee, Cate Root, Sally Quon, Tracy Manrell, Jen Arbo, Lynne Jones, Sonja Boon, Jessie Blair, Heather van Mil, Cassie Stocks, Jennifer Pownall, Caroline Many, Shadoe Ball, Ama Scriver, Katy Weicker, Emily Allan, Heather M. Jones, Hansell Andrea, Elizabeth Cook, Tara Mandarano & Susan Alexander

Hammer & Nail

Notes of a Journeywoman

by (author) Kate Braid

The Quarantine Review, Issue 3

edited by Sheeza Sarfraz & J.J. Dupuis

The Quarantine Review, Issue 2

edited by Sheeza Sarfraz & J.J. Dupuis

Locations of Grief

An Emotional Geography

edited by Catherine Owen
contributions by Alice Major, Katherine Bitney, Alice Burdick, Marilyn Dumont, Ben Gallagher, Catherine Greenwood, Jane Eaton Hamilton, Richard Harrison, David Haskins, Steven Heighton, Theresa Kishkan, Christine Lowther, Canisia Lubrin, James Picard, Nikki Reimer, Waubgeshig Rice, Lisa Richter, Lynn Tait, Sharon Thesen, Onjana Yawnghwe & Daniel Zomparelli
by (author) Jenna Butler & Catherine Graham

The Quarantine Review, Issue 1

Volume 1, Issue 1

edited by Sheeza Sarfraz & J.J. Dupuis

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