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Colonial Proximities

Crossracial Encounters and Juridical Truths in British Columbia, 1871-1921

by (author) Renisa Mawani

The Lunatic and the Lords

by (author) Richard D. Schneider

Carnal Crimes

Sexual Assault Law in Canada, 1900-1975

by (author) Constance Backhouse

The Grand Experiment

Law and Legal Culture in British Settler Societies

edited by Hamar Foster, Benjamin L. Berger & A.R. Buck


Troubling the Person in Law and Culture

by (author) Sheryl Hamilton

The Promise and Perils of Law

Lawyers in Canadian History

edited by Constance Backhouse & W. Wesley Pue

Landing Native Fisheries

Indian Reserves and Fishing Rights in British Columbia, 1849-1925

by (author) Douglas C. Harris

Essays in the History of Canadian Law

A Tribute to Peter N. Oliver

edited by J. Phillips, R. Roy McMurtry & John T. Saywell

A Passion for Justice

How 'Vinegar Jim' McRuer Became Canada's Greatest Law Reformer

by (author) J. Patrick Boyer

Let Right Be Done

Aboriginal Title, the Calder Case, and the Future of Indigenous Rights

edited by Hamar Foster, Heather Raven & Jeremy Webber

The Evolution of Resource Property Rights

by (author) Anthony Scott

Negotiating Responsibility

Law, Murder, and States of Mind

by (author) Kimberley White

Just Works

Lawyers in Alberta, 1907–2007

foreword by Christopher D. Evans
by (author) Legal Archives Society of Alberta

The Courts and the Colonies

The Litigation of Hutterite Church Disputes

by (author) Alvin J. Esau

Taxing Choices

The Intersection of Class, Gender, Parenthood, and the Law

by (author) Rebecca Johnson

Regulating Lives

Historical Essays on the State, Society, the Individual, and the Law

edited by Robert Menzies & Dorothy E. Chunn

Under Arrest

Canadian Laws You Won't Believe

by (author) Bob Tarantino

The Laskin Legacy

Essays in Commemoration of Chief Justice Bora Laskin

edited by Neil Finkelstein & Constance Backhouse

Magistrates, Police, and People

Everyday Criminal Justice in Quebec and Lower Canada, 1764-1837

by (author) Donald Fyson

The Court of Queen's Bench of Manitoba, 1870-1950

A Biographical History

by (author) Dale Brawn

A History of Canadian Legal Thought

Collected Essays

by (author) R.C.B. Risk
edited by George Blain Baker & Jim Phillips

A Jurisprudence of Power

Victorian Empire and the Rule of Law

by (author) R.W. Kostal

Unwilling Mothers, Unwanted Babies

Infanticide in Canada

by (author) Kirsten Kramar

Essays in the History of Canadian Law

Two Islands, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island

edited by Christopher English

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