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Daniels v. Canada

In and Beyond the Courts

edited by Nathalie Kermoal & Chris Andersen


Readings and Cases

by (author) Mark MacGuigan

Current Law and Social Problems, II

edited by Ronald MacDonald

Canadian Cases in the Philosophy of Law - Fifth Edition

edited by Keith C. Culver, Michael Giudice & J.E. Bickenbach

Readings in the Philosophy of Law - Third Edition

edited by Keith C. Culver & Michael Giudice

The Legacy of Ronald Dworkin

edited by Wil Waluchow & Stefan Sciaraffa

Creating Legal Worlds

Story and Style in a Culture of Argument

by (author) Greig Henderson

Empirical Gap in Jurisprudence

A Comprehensive Study of the Supreme Court of Canada

by (author) Daved Muttart

Tournament of Appeals

Granting Judicial Review in Canada

by (author) Roy B. Flemming

The Normative Basis of Fault in Criminal

History and Theory

by (author) Adekemi Odujirin

Parallel Paths

Fiduciary Doctrine and the Crown-Native Relationship in Canada

by (author) Leonard Rotman

The Concept of Socialist Law

by (author) Christine Sypnowich

Inclusive Legal Positivism

by (author) W.J. Waluchow

Judges and Judging

Inside the Canadian Judicial System

by (author) Peter McCormick & Ian Greene

Mr Attorney

The Attorney General for Ontario in Court, Cabinet, and Legislature 1791-1899

by (author) Paul Romney

Governmental and Intergovernmental Immunity in Australia and Canada

by (author) Colin McNairn

Canadian Perspectives on International Law and Organization

edited by Ronald MacDonald, Gerald Morris & Douglas Johnston