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Canadian Immigration Handbook

A Guide to Essential Immigration Knowledge

by (author) Hui Zhang

National Security Law, 2/e

by (author) Craig Forcese & Leah West

North of El Norte

Illegalized Mexican Migrants in Canada

by (author) Paloma E. Villegas

Refugee Law after 9/11

Sanctuary and Security in Canada and the United States

by (author) Obiora Chinedu Okafor

Crossing Law’s Border

Canada’s Refugee Resettlement Program

by (author) Shauna Labman

Detention Reviews in Canada

A Practical Handbook on Law, Procedure, and Practice for Lawyers, Immigration Consultants, and Law Students

by (author) Raj Napal

Enforcing Exclusion

Precarious Migrants and the Law in Canada

by (author) Sarah Grayce Marsden

Governing Irregular Migration

Bordering Culture, Labour, and Security in Spain

by (author) David Moffette

Contemporary Slavery

Popular Rhetoric and Political Practice

edited by Annie Bunting & Joel Quirk

Immigration Law, 2/e

by (author) Jamie Chai Yun Liew & Donald Galloway

Immigrate to Canada

A Practical Guide

by (author) Nick Noorani & Catherine A. Sas

Transnational Yearnings

Tourism, Migration, and the Diasporic City

by (author) Jenny Burman

The Making of the Mosaic

A History of Canadian Immigration Policy

by (author) Ninette Kelley & M. Trebilcock

The Writing on the Wall

Chinese and Japanese Immigration to BC, 1920

by (author) Hilda Glynn-Ward
introduction by Patricia Roy

The Canadian Snowbird in America

Professional Tax and Financial Insights into Temporary Lifestyles in the U.S.

by (author) Terry F. Wruk & Brian D. Wruk

Humanitarianism, Identity, and Nation

Migration Laws in Canada and Australia

by (author) Catherine Dauvergne

Refugee Law

by (author) Martin Jones
with Sasha Baglay

Calling Power to Account

Law, Reparations, and the Chinese Canadian Head tax

edited by David Dyzenhaus & Mayo Moran

Immigration Law

by (author) Donald Galloway