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Browse Books in Rhetoric

Beyond Civility

The Competing Obligations of Citizenship

by (author) William Keith & Robert Danisch

Planting the Anthropocene

Rhetorics of Natureculture

by (author) Jennifer Clary-Lemon

Advocating Weapons, War, and Terrorism

Technological and Rhetorical Paradox

by (author) Ian E.J. Hill

The Last Word

Reviving the Dying Art of Eulogy

by (author) Julia Cooper

Rhetoric and Reality in Early Christianities

edited by Willi Braun

Designs for Disciplines, Second Edition

A Guide to Academic Writing

edited by Pamela den Ouden
by (author) Steven Roe

Writing about Literature - Second Edition

A Guide for the Student Critic

by (author) W.F. Garrett-Petts

Reason's Dark Champions

Constructive Strategies of Sophistic Argument

by (author) Christopher W. Tindale

I Hope I Join the Band

Narrative, Affiliation, and Antiraciset Rhetoric

by (author) Frankie Condon

Language in Indian Philosophy and Religion

edited by Harold Coward

Rhetoric, Uncertainty, & the University as Text

How Students Construct the Academic Experience

edited by Andrew Stubbs

Pragmatism, Democracy, and the Necessity of Rhetoric

by (author) Robert Danisch

Clear Writing

Readings in Expository Prose

edited by Marjorie Mather & Brett McLenithan

The Eloquence of Mary Astell

by (author) Christine M. Sutherland

Designs for Disciplines

An Introduction to Academic Writing

edited by Steven C. Roe & Pamela den Ouden

Appeal to Expert Opinion

Arguments from Authority

by (author) Douglas Walton

Arguments from Ignorance

by (author) Douglas Walton

The Comedy of Entropy


by (author) Patrick O'Neill

Une Introduction à l'analyse du discours argumentatif

Des savoirs et savoir-faire fondamentaux

by (author) Vance Mendenhall