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One Child Reading

My Auto-Bibliography

by (author) Margaret Mackey
foreword by Roberta Seelinger Trites

Linguistically Appropriate Practice

A Guide for Working with Young Immigrant Children

by (author) Roma Chumak-Horbatsch

L’ Évaluation de la littératie

edited by Marie Josée Berger & Alain Desrochers

L' Évaluation de la littératie

edited by Marie Josée Berger & Alain Desrochers

Rock & Roll Literacy

by (author) Sigmund Brouwer

Lire le monde

Les littératies multiples et l'éducation dans les communautés francophones

edited by Diana Masny

Breaking the Word Barrier

Stories of Adults Learning to Read

edited by Marilyn Lerch & Angela Ranson

Boys, Girls, and the Myths of Literacies and Learning

edited by Roberta F. Hammett & Kathy Sanford

The Struggle for Literacy

by (author) Irving Lee Rother

Perspectives on Multiple Literacies

International Conversations

edited by Claire Maltais

Language Testing Reconsidered

edited by Janna Fox, Mari Wesche, Doreen Bayliss, Liying Cheng, Carolyn E. Turner & Christine Doe

Les Littératies

Perspectives linguistique, familiale et culturelle

edited by Anne-Marie Dionne & Marie Josée Berger

Past and Present of the Verbs to Read And Write

The Past And Present Of Literacy

by (author) Emilia Ferreiro
translated by Mark Fried

F & W Balanced Literary Program Gr 3 B

Grade 3

by (author) Fitzhenry & Whiteside

Hip and Trivial

Youth Culture, Book Publishing, and the Greying of Canadian Nationalism

by (author) Robert Wright

How to Make Your Child a Reader for Life

by (author) Paul Kropp

Something in My Mind Besides

by (author) Jennifer Horsman