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Making Sense in Engineering and the Physical Sciences

A Student's Guide to Research and Writing

by (author) Margot Northey, Judi Jewinski & Andrew Trivett

Beyond Civility

The Competing Obligations of Citizenship

by (author) William Keith & Robert Danisch

Objectively Engaged Journalism

An Ethic

by (author) Stephen J.A. Ward


Conversations and Craft

by (author) Marjorie Simmins

The Art of Communication in a Polarized World

by (author) Kyle Conway

In Truth

A History of Lies from Ancient Rome to Modern America

by (author) Matthew Fraser

Writing in the Technical Fields

A Practical Guide

by (author) Thorsten Ewald

Gaelic Language Revitalization Concepts and Challenges

Collected Essays

by (author) Emily McEwan-Fujita

Communicating for Results

A Canadian Student's Guide

by (author) Carolyn Meyer


The Process of Interpersonal Communication, Fifth Canadian Edition

by (author) Ronald B. Adler, Constance Winder, Lawrence B. Rosenfeld & Russell F. Proctor


Journalism's Limits and Possibilities

by (author) Candis Callison & Mary Lynn Young

Immersion at University Level

Rethinking Policies, approaches and implementations

edited by Hélène Knoerr & Alysse Weinberg

Media and Communication in Canada

Networks, Culture, Technology, Audience

by (author) Mike Gasher, David Skinner & Natalie Coulter

Gaming the Metrics

Misconduct and Manipulation in Academic Research

edited by Mario Biagioli & Alexandra Lippman

The Meaning of Language, second edition

by (author) Heidi Savage, Melissa Ebbers & Robert M. Martin

Moving Archives

edited by Linda M. Morra

Public Relations

Canadian Edition

by (author) Tom Kelleher & Anne Marie Males

The Art of the Lie

How the Manipulation of Language Affects Our Minds

by (author) Marcel Danesi

A Writer's Guide to Speculative Fiction: Science Fiction and Fantasy

by (author) Crawford Kilian & Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Modality Across Syntactic Categories

edited by Ana Arregui, Maria Luisa Rivero & Andres Salanova

Minds Alive

Libraries and Archives Now

edited by Patricia A. Demers & Toni Samek

Expert Speaker

5 Steps To Grow Your Business With Public Speaking

by (author) Majeed Mogharreban

Morality at the Margins

Youth, Language, and Islam in Coastal Kenya

by (author) Sarah Hillewaert

Judging the Judges

A Narrative Appraisal Analysis

by (author) Mary L. Conway

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