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The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale

Finding a Formula for the Cost of Love

by (author) Haley McGee

Float Like a Butterfly, Drink Mint Tea

How I Beat the Shit Out of All My Addictions

by (author) Alex Wood

Act Like a Lady

Questionable Advice, Ridiculous Opinions, and Humiliating Tales from Three Undignified Women

by (author) Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin & Jac Vanek

We Came First

Relationship Advice from Women Who Have Been There (Humor Dating Book, Women in History Book)

by (author) Jennifer Wright

So You're a Little Sad, So What?

Nice Things to Say to Yourself on Bad Days and Other Essays

by (author) Alicia Tobin

The Unexpected Journeys of Lawrence Tyrone

A Novel

by (author) A.K. Blackman

Single Girl Problems

Why Being Single Isn't a Problem to Be Solved

by (author) Andrea Bain

Gabrielle Bauer 2-Book Bundle

Waltzing the Tango / Tokyo, My Everest

by (author) Gabrielle Bauer


Musings on a Generation that Refuses to Go Quietly

by (author) Rosa Harris
introduction by Douglas Coupland

Screw Everyone

Sleeping My Way to Monogamy

read by Ophira Eisenberg

Toddlers Are A**holes

It's Not Your Fault

by (author) Bunmi Laditan

Red Green's Beginner's Guide to Women

(For Men Who Don't Read Instructions)

by (author) Red Green

Sleep Talkin' Man

by (author) Karen Slavick-Lennard

How to Throw the Ultimate Divorce Party

by (author) Eileen Velthuis

The Book for Dangerous Women

A Guide to Modern Life

by (author) Liz Hoggard, Clare Conville & Sarah-Jane Lovett

Homo Erectus

And Other Popular Tales of True Romance

by (author) Joel Yanofsky

How to Raise a Boyfriend

by (author) Rebecca Eckler

My Life and Other Lies

Tales From the Writer's List

by (author) Steve Pitt

Automatic Pilot

by (author) Erika Ritter

The Horned Owl


by (author) Giovan Maria Cecchi & Konrad Eisenbichler

Surviving Day to Day

by (author) Deborah Peyton

Waltzing the Tango

A Late Boomer Dances to the Wrong Tune

by (author) Gabrielle Bauer

A Very Lonely Planet

Love, Sex, and the Single Guy

by (author) Ryan Bigge

Jacob's Ladder

by (author) Joel Yanofsky

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